Secondary School Lesbian Love – Part 3

Five days later, unable to bear the itch between her legs and the heat flooding her body each time she though of the bathroom incident, Franca tapped lightly on... Read more »

Secondary School Lesbian Love – Part 2

She couldnt speak or move as hands started gropping her body, touching her petite just emerging Bosom, rubbing all over her back, neck, hair, face, all her body. She... Read more »

Secondary School Lesbian Love – Part 1

Franca was a lesbian and had been one for over seventeen (17) years. She became a lesbian when she was in JSS two in one of the unity schools... Read more »

Screwed Up By Tom – Part 1

He slammed his lips against mine and I groaned in approval, my nipples hardening behind the light fabric of my night dress.  My hands wrapped around his neck and... Read more »

Fucking Her After Lectures

Her body was like the one I always dreamt of. Jane was something else in beauty,she took all my attention and gave me so much distraction that I forgot... Read more »

Sleeping with My Cousin: Part 1

This happened a few years ago, I wanted to talk with someone about it but didn’t find a safe place to do it. I can’t verify myself for obvious... Read more »