Your Dream Girl 1

My day started off on a wonderful note. Being so tired from work the last few days had me in bed earlier than normal last night to ensure I... Read more »

12 Hours In New York final episode

“I’m gonna have to throw away these panties. You ruined them.” He smiled brightly up at her. “maybe the driver will buy you a new pair. I think he... Read more »

12 Hour’s In New York 2

this for me? Did I do that?” She whispered in his ear already knowing the answer. “Who else could make it that hard? Just you Lana, just you.” Hearing... Read more »

12 Hour’s In New York 1

It had been 7 years. He could not believe it as he stood at the gate of the bus station. It had been 7 years since he had last... Read more »

Anniversary Package Final Episode

I know her mind traveled back to that night, when she had her way… but tonight would be different. She knew I wanted something else… and I always try... Read more »

Anniversary Package 2

She began to drive her mouth down onto me and the feeling had no comparison. She had this way of swirling her tongue around my cock and twisting her... Read more »

Anniversary Package 1

It seems far too long since we had the chance to get away, but our anniversary is here and New Orleans is beautiful any time of year. I can’t... Read more »

A Brief Shower Final Episode

I then gently push you off my shaft and you groan in disappointment. But I quickly spin you round and lift you up to sit on the edge of... Read more »

A Brief Shower 1

I love the idea of being with you in the shower – you don’t know that I’m in your house – I’ve sneaked in across your upstairs balcony early... Read more »

His First Time

He and I had been best friends since senior year of high school. I’d had a crush on him since we’d met then, and still had it even after... Read more »