Fifty Shades Of Sonia 1

Sonia The world was a fast changing place and I knew the importance of a successful image. At the age of 27 I had created a successful online brand... Read more »

Second Chance final episode

He shouted laughter at the ceiling. “I’ll say. I must admit that while I doubt your neighbors will be complaining about our noise level tomorrow if anyone was in... Read more »

Second Chance 5

His hands found the clever little zipper at the back of her dress and a sudden onslaught of worry assailed her. She had a little sag here and there,... Read more »

Second Chance 4

Frustrated and exasperated with her doubt she took a few long breaths and walked slowly back into the living room of her small but pretty apartment. She had fallen... Read more »

Second Chance 3

She’d married at twenty-three and that had been decades ago. Was he interested in her? Had she said the wrong thing in their conversation? Charles cleared his throat. “I... Read more »

Second Chance 2

The boy who’d hit her backed up from the curb and stared resolutely across the street at something. His mother hissed a warning and he stepped backwards without even... Read more »

Second Chance 1

People drifted along the streets of New York, their faces impassive, phones to their ears or the buds of their headphones snugly tucked into those ears. Ignoring the massive... Read more »

Your Surprise Visit

So, tonight is our night for phone sex. I went throughout my drawer finding the cute, blue panties& bra you got me last month. I took a nice, warm... Read more »

Your Dream Girl final episode

Stepping towards the door I felt a new sensation between my legs. Each step I made had those bristles rubbing against my lips, gently teasing my clit and sending... Read more »

Your Dream Girl 2

Lunch break was coming up and I knew I wouldn’t be eating much today. I grabbed a green apple from the store next door and ate it quickly on... Read more »