Gambling Affairs Final Episode

Adam please give me more, shove your cock deeper. Harder… faster. Please Adam, please,” Keira begs. Adam takes his throbbing cock from Keira’s pussy with anguish. His words come... Read more »

Gambling Affairs 3

Keira is suddenly appreciative, she doesn’t need to worry about thinking, as Adam takes over. Allowing her to put her inhibitions aside and just listen to his instructions. Her... Read more »

Gambling Affairs 2

Keira pushes the button on her Bluetooth earpiece and smiles as she slows to turn into her work parking lot. Her mood improves ten fold as she realizes she... Read more »

Gambling Affair 1

Sitting at her kitchen table drinking her coffee as she reads the morning paper, her routine is similar each day. In fact she makes sure to do the same... Read more »

69 Ways To Enjoy The Gym Final Episode

She heard a masculine cry for help. Startled, Tess ran nude in the direction of the voice she heard. What she saw made her laugh and for a moment... Read more »

69 Ways To Enjoy The Gym 1

While driving Tess looked over her right shoulder relieved to see her gym bag. After a good night of dancing and partying she liked to sneak into the gym... Read more »

Fifty Shades Of Sonia Final Episode

I sat back up coming back to my senses and being aware of our public setting but luckily no one appeared to have noticed. We were both coming back... Read more »

Fifty Shades Of Sonia 4

I could not believe this bitch:- “You pushed me to do this. I will tell Russell the truth. I have evidence. Meet me tomorrow at Giovanni’s at 8.00pm. I... Read more »

Fifty Shades Of Sonia 3

I was feeling hot that night. It had been a month since I last had sex and I would have to wait another month before I was able to... Read more »

Fifty Shades Of Sonia 2

I was less involved in the sales side of the business and I was usually found in the back while the sales girls were front of house. It was... Read more »