Pacific Princess 3

“Wait is it your cabin? Are we going to your cabin? I don’t remember…” The words trail off as James watches her drift down the endless corridor. Midnight velvet... Read more »

Pacific Princess 2

Now three beers in he didn’t want to pore over the details of that night again but alcohol & self-loathing were controlling him now. James had known from his... Read more »

Pacific Princess 1

A summer afternoon, lazily fantasising halfway through “The Love Boat”. So much skin on display, so much skin. Everywhere you looked there were bodies of varying size & age... Read more »

Pagan Meeting final episode

Brenda brought my cock to her mouth and she inhaled me. I can’t say I saw any of this coming. She didn’t say a word that she was going... Read more »

Pagan Meeting 1

A friend of mine from work named Brian came up to me one day. “There is going to be this get-together on Friday night. Do you want to come... Read more »

Pacific Heat 6

I can reminisce. I started to think of all the magnificent things he had done to my body with his. There was that tingling again. I sat on the... Read more »

Pacific Heat 5

Holy shit, you are talented,” he said weakly. I grinned and backed up under the water again to rinse him off. We finished up in the shower and dried... Read more »

Pacific Heat 4

I reached for him and pulled his face close to mine. “I want you.” I wasn’t even sure I said the words out loud. But judging by the expression... Read more »

Pacific Heat 3

My mind raced with a thousand thoughts. Was I insane? At that moment I didn’t care. He was looking at me with eyes so intense they almost hurt to... Read more »

Pacific Heat 2

“Hello, is this thing on?” He was tapping an imaginary mike in his hand. “Sorry, off in another world,” I said looking away from his smile. “I’m just offering... Read more »