Silent Screams-Sequence 8

Daniel pulled up in front of the Kalufyanya’s Mansion he stopped his car and stepped out then he walked to the gate, when he knocked at the gate, a... Read more »

Silent Screams-Sequence 7

The next morning, Leila woke up with a start at the rattling sound of her alarm clock she let out a yawn as she reached across her stand and... Read more »

Silent Screams-Sequence 6

She suddenly sat bolt upright in bed & screamed so loud that it woke everyone and they rushed to her room. Her mother flipped on the lights & rushed... Read more »

Silent Screams – Sequence 5

Leila threw herself upon her bed, weeping into her pillow. Her body was exhausted and her mind was restless, why would her parents do this to her? She was... Read more »

Silent screams

Sequence 4..‘Married,’ a cold shiver ran down her spine.‘Yes my daughter & you have less than 7 months before your marriage ceremony,’ her mother saidThen there was utter silence,... Read more »

Silent Screams

Sequence 3. Audrey rushed to her brother’s room when she heard him scream though what she heard was more of a loud gasp than a scream. She froze at... Read more »

Silent Screams

Sequence 2. Leila stepped out of the taxi and walked toward the entrance. She pushed the gate open and walked in, she knocked at the door and Audrey herself... Read more »

Silent Screams

Sequence 1. It must have been hours later when Leila opened her eyes she looked around the room trying to make sense of where she was. Leila blinked in... Read more »

Shattered: Anything For My Sister-Episode 11

EPISODE 11. GROUND RULES AND PLANS. ***ARIANA***I entered fully into the room with Flora trailing behind me, holding my skirt tight. She glanced around my back, looking at her... Read more »

Shattered: Anything For My Sister-Episode 10

EPISODE 10. THE CONSEQUENCES. The next day, I heard a knock from the door and I almost panicked thinking it was dad but then I remembered he doesn’t knock... Read more »