The 36 state governors in Nigeria have recommended a two-week national inter-state lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

This decision was taken during a meeting of the governors on Wednesday, a day after the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control confirmed 117 new coronavirus cases in the country... Read more »

Wuhan has only two critically ill coronavirus patients

China has announced today that there are only two critically-ill coronavirus patients left in Wuhan, the former epicentre of the pandemic. A health official said that the number of... Read more »

Dinning Etiquette’s; Simple Setting Rules

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Corona Virus: Countries Most Affected By The Virus

The number of people who have contracted the coronavirus disease went beyond 1.6 million across the world on Friday with new cases of Covid-19, which emerged in the Chinese... Read more »

My First Sex – A Documentary Of The Sexual Experience Of 10 Nigerian Adults [Book]

My First Sex – A Documentary Of The Sexual Experience Of 10 Nigerian Adults Written By Fortune Aganbi. A final year student of Delta State University, Abraka. where she... Read more »

Nigeria In A Minute: Top 10, Stories Today

These 10 top stories from Nigerian newspapers will make your Monday morning, April 7, 2020 1. Eight new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Nigeria; total now 232 The Nigeria... Read more »

Covid 19- Patient Bites Nurse After She Refused Him Leaving Quarantine

A Chinese nurse was left bruised and in tears after a novel coronavirus patient savagely attacked her when she tried to stop him from leaving quarantine. Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick,... Read more »

Covid 19 – Question People Ask 1

📝 How/Why Do People Recover If There’s Still No Proven Cure For COVID-19? ___________________________________________ 📢 ANSWER : Most respiratory viruses– including Corona viruses such as the ones that causes... Read more »

Covid19- Why Smoking Could Be Dangerous

Smoking, vaping and substance abuse put people at higher risk of coronavirus infection as disease affects the lungs. COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, might hit people... Read more »

Corona Virus Patients Not Contagious 10 days After…

People infected with COVID-19 might be “shedding” large amounts of the virus from their bodies quite early on in the disease, making them highly infectious at that stage, according... Read more »