Total Confirmed cases 135 Discharged 8 Death 2 States Numbers States Numbers Abuja FCT 25 Abia 0 Adamawa 0 Akwa Ibom 0 Anambra 0 Bauchi 2 Bayelsa 0 Benue... Read more »

SERAP writes govt, demands weekly publication of spending details from Covid-19 funds

(SERAP) has asked the Federal Government to publish weekly details of exact funds and other resources allocated by the authorities to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria. Part... Read more »

Ex- President Of America Sex Scandal

Bill Clinton had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky to ease pressures of the job: ‘I did it to manage my anxieties’ Former President Bill Clinton has claimed that his... Read more »

Inner Strength

i looked at him closely and saw a printed inscription on his shirt ” WEAKNESS IS NOT AN OPTION” Wow this is elating i said and in as much... Read more »


I know right now you might feel someone killing himself is unrealistic, I mean no matter how hard life is its still beautiful and precious to us how can... Read more »

A Better Place

One day I was hungry and I just felt like I should let her know, I told her and she said please don’t disturb me, what do you want... Read more »

A Letter To My Daughter

Hello ADESUWA it’s me your daddy, how are you holding up right there my angel? I know you’re doing great because being stuck inside that beautiful lady you will... Read more »

12 kisses to keep that relationship alive._ tips for interesting kisses

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Skeletons in the cupboard? – you ever had deep secrets

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First time? What you should know about it…

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