Overtime Pleasure 1

It was my first month at a new town…and working at a new office didn’t provide much encouragement either. Despite everyone being friendly, I was missing my family profusely... Read more »

8 Romantic Gestures From the Olden Days All Girls Miss

In a world where Facebook “likes” and “pokes” constitute as romance, it seems that the magic is dead and gone. Is there a way to get it back? What... Read more »

Dumped And Found final episode

“Be careful Simon….” Sally smiled at him, and he learned over and kissed her deeply. He put the head of his cock at her love entrance, and slowly pushed.... Read more »

Dumped And Found 4

There was some response from Simon now, though not much. But enough so his feet actually supposed some of him, making it much easier for Sally to move him... Read more »

Dumped And Found 3

He didn’t know what to do now. The emotional pain and loss he was feeling, almost made him cry. He couldn’t quite comprehend that he had been played like... Read more »

Dumped And Found 2

She burst out. Simon just stood there as if paralysed. “I’ve been……we’ve been seeing each other also.” Susan continued and nodded towards Hal, who was currently busy stepping on... Read more »

Dumped And Found 1

Simon popped online and logged into his mail account. Finding one message waiting for him there. A message from Susan. His long time girlfriend. And, he dare to say.... Read more »

How to Keep a Girl Interested After the First Date & Not Be Pushy

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Dry Cleaning Sex final episode

Don’t think about pulling out. I want you to cum in me,” she said. That was okay by me. I kept slamming my hard meat into her belly. It... Read more »

Dry Cleaning Sex 1

I had to drop off some clothes that needed dry cleaned. There is a place not too far from where I work so I went there. I pulled up... Read more »