Package Plus 1

I knew as soon as I walked in to the United Shipping Service store it was going to take longer than the quick stop I was hoping for, making... Read more »

Pacific Princess final episode

As he feared James feels very close to erupting inside her. He grabs her ass & pushes her further onto his dick, deeper & deeper into her warm soft... Read more »

Pacific Princess 3

“Wait is it your cabin? Are we going to your cabin? I don’t remember…” The words trail off as James watches her drift down the endless corridor. Midnight velvet... Read more »

Pacific Princess 2

Now three beers in he didn’t want to pore over the details of that night again but alcohol & self-loathing were controlling him now. James had known from his... Read more »

Pacific Princess 1

A summer afternoon, lazily fantasising halfway through “The Love Boat”. So much skin on display, so much skin. Everywhere you looked there were bodies of varying size & age... Read more »

Pagan Meeting final episode

Brenda brought my cock to her mouth and she inhaled me. I can’t say I saw any of this coming. She didn’t say a word that she was going... Read more »

Pagan Meeting 1

A friend of mine from work named Brian came up to me one day. “There is going to be this get-together on Friday night. Do you want to come... Read more »

How to be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Big Traits that Matter Most

Figuring out how to treat your girlfriend with love and respect can be confusing at times. Find out how to be a good boyfriend and be the guy your... Read more »

Overtime Pleasure final episode

“Ride me baby…ride my cock.” He ordered once more, and just when I was about to sit on him face front, he turned me around and grabbed my hips,... Read more »

Overtime Pleasure 2

“You want to see me fuck myself baby?” I murmured back, slowly pulling the buttons on my jeans. “Yeah, show me how wet your pussy can get.” Jason drawled... Read more »