Pacific Heat final episode

“Go on,” I said. He put his hand on my knee. I stiffened, but he started rubbing it and I relaxed a bit. “What happened? Was there a drug... Read more »

Pacific Heat 6

I can reminisce. I started to think of all the magnificent things he had done to my body with his. There was that tingling again. I sat on the... Read more »

Pacific Heat 5

Holy shit, you are talented,” he said weakly. I grinned and backed up under the water again to rinse him off. We finished up in the shower and dried... Read more »

Pacific Heat 4

I reached for him and pulled his face close to mine. “I want you.” I wasn’t even sure I said the words out loud. But judging by the expression... Read more »

Pacific Heat 3

My mind raced with a thousand thoughts. Was I insane? At that moment I didn’t care. He was looking at me with eyes so intense they almost hurt to... Read more »

Pacific Heat 2

“Hello, is this thing on?” He was tapping an imaginary mike in his hand. “Sorry, off in another world,” I said looking away from his smile. “I’m just offering... Read more »

Pacific Heat 1

The night was hot. There was some humidity in the air, but that was to be expected, after all it was August. The balcony of my house overlooked the... Read more »

E-Male final episode

Very good,” she whispered, “but I still have another email to read. From Australia. He wants to fuck me bad.” I grinned. “I can do you while you write... Read more »

E-Male 2

“I wanted to give you a surprise,” I said. She gasped, brushing back some of her hair that fell over her sweaty face. “You sure did.” Then her look... Read more »

E- Male 1

I knew what time of day she usually checks her email, so I got to her desk first. I crawled underneath it, curling up there so I could give... Read more »