Gambling Affairs Final Episode

Adam please give me more, shove your cock deeper. Harder… faster. Please Adam, please,” Keira begs.

Adam takes his throbbing cock from Keira’s pussy with anguish. His words come out muffled and low as his teeth grit together. “Oh baby I so want to take you hard and fast. Claim you with each stroke into you. We have all weekend and right now I want to have your body insane with need.”

Looking down as his tip is pressing against her soft opening, he is slick with her juices and her folds are glistening from excess leakage of her arousal, her moaning and whimpering are hard to ignore. Probing her entrance, figuring this is the worst he has ever needed to be inside someone. To have her tightly surrounding him as he plunges in and out with intensity. Each of them screaming in ecstasy as their orgasms erupt together.

Still holding back, he inserts his tip, stays there and feels as she clenches her muscles trying to suck his cock deeper into her. Her body writhes under him and her mouth whimpers for more. Inserting more of himself into her warmth, he feels her juices sliding over him as she grips him tight with each gradual intrusion of his cock.

Then he shifts and uses a thumb to rub over her clit as he fucks her. The thrusts still slow but at a steady pace now. Keira gets lost in the passion, the feel of his cock filling her with each delightful thrust. Her climax once again on the verge of erupting, her senses being overloaded, and then the blackness that follows as she trembles and screams. Keira’s eruption causes Adam to leave her clit and buck into her swiftly and stay buried as he shoots his hot seed into her. His muscles spasming in the climaxes wake as he is void of all other sensations for a few minutes.

Regaining his wits he realizes he is still laying atop of Keira and he gently pulls out of her. A suction noise of slurping as he frees his cock from her pussy. She whimpers from the loss and then snuggles into him before he settles himself next to her. Wrapping his arms around her and bringing her body against his to accept her closeness, he smiles.

“Now that sweet Babygirl, is making love in so many ways. Your trust and willingness to take my lead means so much more than you could know,” Adam says, with pride evident in his voice.

Sleepily Keira responds quietly, “Mmm. Adam I think I have just given you my soul as has never been done before. Thank you!”

Adam has to bring his ear closer to her mouth, her warm breath causes his cock to bounce and arousal to stir yet again. Looking down at the woman he has claimed, there is much to consider and she needs rest before he can take her again. He waits until he sees her breathing slow, and the cooing noises to stop, before he too closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep, smiling at what is to come.


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