Gambling Affairs 3

Keira is suddenly appreciative, she doesn’t need to worry about thinking, as Adam takes over. Allowing her to put her inhibitions aside and just listen to his instructions. Her cheeks flush, she closes her eyes to remove her shirt, not taking her time as she is in a hurry to do as he has requested. She takes a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, unsure why she is so nervous, they have been naked together on many occasions.

Adam speaks again this time his voice is laced with lust as he says, “Slower Keira, relax we have the whole weekend to explore each other this time.”

Keira slows her movements down, now only her bra and panties remain, she is vulnerable to him. As if sensing her thoughts and feelings, Adam is beside her. His warmth can be felt with his closeness, she opens her eyes to find him directly in front of her. Her breath catches in her throat as their eyes meet. His expression speaking of possession and total desire.

Gulping, Keira moves her hands to unclasp her bra when her hand is gently tapped away as Adam finishes and undoes the bra. He lets it slip off her arms and to the floor between them. Passion suddenly taking over as Adam takes her panties from her hips and slides them to the floor. He bends and takes a nipple in his mouth rolling it in his teeth. Keira flings her head back and moans as his hand cups her other breast.

Adam feels the heat of Keira’s reaction, her body wants to be taken but he isn’t ready to give into their mutual desire yet. He wants to torment her a little, show her patience for the reward they will both receive with their climaxes. As he rolls her nipple in his teeth he gently massages her body with his free hand. Inching his body closer to hers, his now painful erection presses against her stomach. Standing upright to look her in the eyes again, her blue eyes hazy with passion and lust. He wraps his arms around her and holds her close to him a moment. The feel of her in his arms, the way she feels as she snuggles in with her head resting on his shoulder.

She can’t take it anymore, her pussy is wetter than it has ever been, the proof is trickling down her legs. Keira is sure that at this moment she could open her legs and he would certainly find a river between them. One which is flowing simply because the man of her every breath and thought is standing with her just as aroused and full of desire as she is.

“Oh Adam I need you. I want you so bad,” Keira manages to whisper out in between heavy breathing.

“Patience, little one,” Adam sighs in response.

Keira pulls her body back from his to look up into his face as she gauges his expression, wondering if she did something or if he is having second thoughts. Adam, knowing her as he does, looks down and his eyes meet hers with nothing but lust and passion.

Speaking in a soft controlled tone he adds, “I adore you and I am crazy about you. I just do not wish to rush that which we have occasion not to for a change.”

Keira, half chuckling, slides her body down his and ends up on her knees. Adam growls at her as she holds his cock in one hand with her head turned up. She slyly grins at him, then bows her head and opens her mouth, lowering her head ever so slowly towards his jutting member. As soon as her warm, moist tongue lashes out to caress his tip he loses any remaining control and snatches her up into his arms.

Amused at his swiftness Keira lays on her back in the bed and laughs out loud with each word, “Adam, what the hell. I was about to devour your cock!”

Echoing her jovial laughter, Adam lifts up Keira’s knees and then settles in between her thighs as he whispers, “Ah yes but then I wouldn’t get to feast on this lovely pussy you have so graciously offered up.”

Adam’s hot breath is causing Keira’s pussy to spasm, tighten and release in anticipation of his mouth eating her. Then she gasps and moans as his tongue reaches her hard, swollen clit. Then his hands are resting on her inner thighs. They begin to massage, moving closer to the core of her body. The epicenter of all things orgasmic. Her body reacting to every touch and sensation. His teeth rolling her clit gently back and forth. His hands caressing and probing. When she feels him bite down a little harder on her clit, then plunge two fingers inside her, she screams out his name, “ADAM!”

Beads of sweat glisten along her body, her pussy soaked with her lubrication as he plunges his fingers in and out while his tongue and teeth slide over and around her clit. Muscles clenching, her pussy holding onto his fingers each time they are inserted, jolts of electric current bringing her closer to the edge. Keira’s eyes are shut tight her body raising up and down from the bed as Adam’s fingers fuck her while his mouth sucks relentlessly on her clit until finally she gives over to the sensations and everything goes black for a minute. Her whole world erupts, fireworks seen in the back of her mind with nothing but silence following them.

Until she is brought back by Adam’s gentle lusty voice. “Baby that was amazing, I will be cleaning your cum off my chin for days to come. I am going to take you slowly this time, watch as my cock disappears inside you over and over. Your swollen and slightly used pussy will feel amazing as it grips me like a glove.”

Keira feels it happening again, her body waiting to be taken to the edge. Adam runs his hand along the side of her torso and she squirms. His fingers like a magnet bringing her back to arousal. Adam rolls over to perch on top of Keira and slides his cock painfully slowly into her. Immediately, Keira is begging for him to take her hard and fast. Her mind unsure of the feelings, emotions and thoughts attempting to run through it. She blocks that and concentrates on the pins and needles her pussy feels as Adam’s cock pushes deeper into her and she adjusts to his large size.


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