Gambling Affairs 2

Keira pushes the button on her Bluetooth earpiece and smiles as she slows to turn into her work parking lot. Her mood improves ten fold as she realizes she is going to have a whole weekend with a man that fast became her secret lover. One that she can’t stop thinking about, wishing his arms are wrapped around her every minute of every day.

Walking into her building, she is going through the motions of putting on her badge, signing in and nodding to the guard. Getting to the elevator, she pushes the button and her mind drifts to what might be in a Vegas hotel. She steps inside the elevator and jumps a foot when she hears, “Hey Babygirl!”

Startled, Keira looks up already smiling to meet Adam’s eyes. He is taller than her by almost a foot. Broad shoulders and muscles to match. His eyes enthrall her as they stare back, exposing his desire. She feels the heat rising in her body, her face flushes and her pussy clenches in response. A mere look is all she needs.

“That’s right Babygirl. You are mine, feel it? I want to take you right here in this elevator, show whoever might be watching on that camera you belong to me. No matter what that ring on your finger means.”

In a subtle move Keira crosses her legs, then gulps hard. She clears her throat as she straightens herself. Her petiteness doesn’t stand a chance next to Adam. She is a mere 5 feet tall, with slender legs and muscular thighs. Her ass is probably the largest part of her. Feeling a little self conscious, she tucks it in as she stands under, what seems to be, his scrutiny. Finally, she moves her gaze back up to meet his and summons the courage to say, “Why is it that of all the elevators in Los Angeles you happen to be in the one that I get in?”

With a chuckle Adam takes a step toward her as she takes a step to the side. She finds herself in a corner. Still hoping to distract him, she adds, “The camera is not a good thing and I know that you can’t possibly mean to have me here with anyone watching. It’s far too dangerous. Our spouses might find out.”

His shoulders slump a little and his stance relaxes as he nonchalantly leans back on the handrail. “Damn it, there you go using that pretty head of yours again and being all logical.”

Giggling, with a gentle red still coloring her cheeks, Keira looks at Adam and smiles a knowing smile. Her hand moves her long dark hair to the side of her face as cover from the camera. She never expected that meeting this man in the hallway a year ago would lead to the events it did. Making them very much into each other, and, each other’s beds. What a year it has been.

Hearing the ding of the elevator, Adam stands and waves with a finger as a signal that only Keira knows. She smiles at his back as he steps out and the doors close. They were equals in their separate departments, but both of them being married meant they had to keep it very confidential within the firm. The careers they had both worked so hard for could be in jeopardy should their affair become known. Neither had children, so that made things a smudge easier. Keira drifts back to when they met.

Keira was frazzled that day, having just lost her dad and closing a big deal. On top of that, she was finding her husband to be a bit of an ass about it all. She was running down the hall looking for papers she had dropped, and swearing to herself she’d get a new assistant, when, with a thump, she ran into something solid. Holding her head she looked up to find Adam standing there with a slanted grin across his face. His eyes merely pleased as they looked down at her. Keira could barely speak, in fact all that would come out was a stutter. They finally introduced themselves and he handed her the papers he had picked up off the floor.

Without any more conversation he told her to meet him for lunch at a place around the corner. They would call it a business meeting. She fell for the idea and met him that day. Their relationship developed and became progressively more frequent with calls and booty calls. They had learned the ins and outs of email, texts and rendezvous at semi run down hotels. All the while being discreet so as not to be found out.

Keira was sure that in the mix of it all she had fallen for him at least once, but they wouldn’t discuss it or even bring the subject up. It was a day by day thing. That is how it stayed. They both understood each others lives and knew that they were simply side dishes to the main course. Yet they had talked about scenarios and fantasies that they had about each other. Wanting to sleep in each others arms, waking periodically in the night to fuck and then fall back asleep. The possibilities, and their imaginations, had been limitless as they lay in the hotels talking after being intimate.

Keira brings herself back to the now as her co workers all greet her as she passes by. She gets to her office and closes her door. Her desk just as she left it the night before. Her hours were long and her weekends didn’t exist but this weekend was going to make up for that. She could feel it. Excitement grows with each breath until the knock on her door.

“Yes, come in.”


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