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Sitting at her kitchen table drinking her coffee as she reads the morning paper, her routine is similar each day. In fact she makes sure to do the same things every morning; she doesn’t like to be rushed. Reading one of the stories on the sports page, she jumps when her phone rings. Taking it from the counter, she answers without looking to see who it is.



“Yes, good morning Adam!”

“Keira, I know this is last minute. But I would like to sneak away to Vegas with you for the weekend. Can you do it? I think that if I tell my wife I am doing a guys weekend she might buy it.”

“Adam, I don’t know. He might not buy me saying that I am going away with girlfriends. I will think about it and let you know by tonight. You do know that it is Thursday already?”

“I am sorry for the last minute thought of a trip together but I got the opportunity and I want to see you.”

“I will let you know, I am going back to reading my paper. I will see you later.”

Returning to the table and her newspaper, her thoughts drift to being able to leave for the weekend without her husband getting suspicious. Would he go for meeting girlfriends in Vegas? Shaking her head, she tries to concentrate on her paper again so she can get to work. Sipping her coffee, she’s thankful her husband was in the shower when her phone rang.

The last page of the features section coincides with the last sip of coffee. Keira stands and places her dirty coffee mug into the sink, then straightens out her outfit. She grabs her brief case and keys then walks out to the garage. As she starts the car, she sees her husband standing at the door between the kitchen and the garage; he’s signaling her. Keira opens her window and listens to what he has to say.

From where he is he raises his voice and shouts, “I have a business thing I have to go to in Chicago this weekend. I’ll leave today and come back on Monday.”

Seeing the perfect opportunity Keira smiles her polite smile and leans out the window to shout back, “That works out well. My girlfriends want to have a Vegas weekend. I’ll check in with you from time to time.”

Her husband nods and goes back in the house. She pushes the button to raise the window then looks behind her as she backs out of the garage. Suddenly overexcited that this might work out after all. Calming herself, Keira takes the drive to work at a steady pace. Stopping at a red light, she picks up her phone and dials Adam’s number. Placing her Bluetooth receiver in her ear, she listens to the ring.

“Hello, Adam speaking!”

“Hey Adam, I have made it possible to go to Vegas with you. Are you cleared?”

“Yes! I will call you with the details a little later, I am about to enter my first meeting of the day.”

“Okay, thanks … and Adam?”


“Thank you for thinking of a weekend together. I can’t wait.”



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