69 Ways To Enjoy The Gym Final Episode

She heard a masculine cry for help. Startled, Tess ran nude in the direction of the voice she heard. What she saw made her laugh and for a moment she forgot about her nudity. Going back to the main desk she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her sexiness and went back into the auxiliary gym.

Don looked at her pleadingly, “Do you have any steel cutters or anything?”

Tess admired his sexy form in his tight shorts and tight tank top that were showing off his well developed muscles. She felt a familiar feeling of desire return. Her pussy craved more action. In her mind Tess thought of the tool cabnit and said she would go look. Inside she found what she was looking for to set him free.

Tess leaned against the wall.

“So, you want me to let you out of there do you?” she asked in a sexy voice.

“Yes, please!” was Don’s reply.

“It’ll cost ya,” she said teasingly.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked with a raised eyebrow calling her bluff.

She walked over to the weight bench he was laying on. Don propped himself up.

“To start,” she said taking her finger and tracing the outline of his cock through his thin shorts, “I’d like to get a rise out of you.”

Tess smiled, dropping her towel as she traced his cock with her finger back and forth over and over again. He reached over with his free hand and twisted her pert nipples and kneaded her gorgeous tits. Tess responded by arching her back resulting in his cock becoming even harder. Don adjusted himself with one hand while looking at her with lust.

“Lean back,” she commanded. “You need to earn your freedom.”

He rested his head back onto the bench with anticipation.

Don smelled and tasted her delicious pussy before he even knew what was happening. Her hands were lowering his shorts releasing his nice big hard on. He felt Tess’s tongue circling the tip of his hardness and gave in to the throbbing pussy pulsing on his face. She swallowed him deeply; making him gasp. His tongue flicked her clit rapidly. Tess’s face would soon become a cum bucket. Her pussy felt the non stop action of his swift tongue. Being that they were both healthy and fit enabled them to have incredible stamina.

The gym mirrors showed off their skills from all angles. As soon as Don felt the quivers of Tess’s orgasm he allowed himself to release his hot juices into her eager mouth. As they came for each other they both continued to lick and lap up each other’s juices enjoying the sweet taste of each others hot sex.

“You passed with flying colors,” she said with a happy smile.

He instructed her how to use the steel cutters. She started to get up from the bench but soon found his strong hands around her waist pulling her back into him to feel his pulsing hardness.

He slid his cock between her cheeks, just resting it there. His other hand played with her pussy making her moan. He put her in position so his hands were firmly on her tight round ass, and hers were on the bench.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Don pushed in slow and steady, using nice long smooth strokes, just like she did at home with her little black dildo. It didn’t take him long to break though and begin fucking her sweet, sexy ass, wildly. They both held onto the machine and each other for support while fucking madly and wildly. Each thrust was deep and lustful; hard and intense.

He eased himself out of her sweet ass. Grabbing a nearby towel he wiped himself clean so he could slide right back into her hot, tight, pussy. He filled each hole over and over again leading them both to orgasmic heights.

They both caught the hot action of their fucking in every mirror, thus heightening their enjoyment even more. They came one after the other while intensely holding onto each other for support.

Don and Tess smiled at each other while thinking of fucking in the pool and the steam room. It looked like this was just a beginning to their evening adventure.


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