69 Ways To Enjoy The Gym 1

While driving Tess looked over her right shoulder relieved to see her gym bag. After a good night of dancing and partying she liked to sneak into the gym and go for a nice skinny dip. Her friends always asked if she had the keys to the gym where she worked, but she wouldn’t give them up. This was her special time for herself and it was exactly what she needed at this moment.

She pressed the underground parkade button and parked. There was another car in the parking lot but no one was in it. She guessed someone had gotten a ride from someone else and left their car there.

Tess disarmed the alarm and walked up towards the front desk around the main gym area and turned on the music in the pool room full blast. She hosed off the entire steam room throughly. Stripping off her sexy drop top showed off her firm round tits. Her shorts were next. Tess’s lavender bra and panty set were a feast for anyone’s eyes and anyone’s eyes were looking.

There was another weight room and stuck on a bench with one arm in a handcuff was Don. Hearing the music, he woke up. His juvenile friends had thought it would be funny to handcuff him to the machine, but then they went to work out in the main area and went home forgetting about him. He had just woken up to the sound of the music from the stereo in the pool room. Don tried to make the steel move again, but with no luck. He thought of how embarrassing it was to be caught in this situation. The glass was transparent and he happened to be positioned so he could see her. He had seen her working during the day and admired her sexy hard body, but this was worth being handcuffed for.

Don watched Tess strip off her clothing feeling all the blood go to his hard cock. Her tits were so ripe and appetizing. He watched her shower. He saw the soap slide between her cheeks, and watched her rub her clit. Then he saw Tess lean her head back with ecstasy as her fingers pushed on her clit, in a swirling motion. He heard her moans above the music as she came hard. Don longed for his strong hands to run up and down her toned, tight, sexy hot body.

Diving into the pool with ease she started her laps. He realized it was too late to yell now. He was so entralled with the beauty of her nakedness he forgot to speak up when he had the chance. Laying back smiling, he stayed patient, knowing his opportunity would come. Little did he know it would be 45 minutes later.

Getting out of the water after her routine swim Tess headed for a drink of water.


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