15 Devious Signs of Sneaky People That Should Make You Run

Signs of Sneaky People

The world is full of sneaky people, but do you know how a sneaky person behaves? It’s time you learned the 15 signs of sneaky people.

From my experience, life usually throws you a couple of tough, real-life situations to teach you to know if someone is untrustworthy. And you learn the signs of sneaky people by heart.

When younger, I loved everyone, and I still do *okay, not everyone*. But it wasn’t until a sneaky person played me that I understood the behavior and style of sneaky people. Most of the time, they do an amazing job at hiding their true colors. But when life gives you lemons, you learn how to tell who’s going to use you. That’s the phrase, right?

Knowing the signs of sneaky people can save you a lot of time and energy from being used by them. Whether they’re strangers, friends, or your date, learn what it means when something inside of you is hinting that something is off. Of course, you should follow your gut instinct if you feel this person isn’t good for you. But, you should also be aware of the signs, because they are there. You just need to start looking at them.

15 signs of sneaky people that should make you run

Oh, the signs of sneaky people are there. You just haven’t paid enough attention.

#1 Intense eye contact. Have you ever met someone who never breaks eye contact? It’s creepy! Sneaky people have a habit of staring intensely into other people’s eyes, never breaking eye contact. Anyone who’s giving a little too much eye contact should be a red flag for you.

#2 They open up very quickly.  When you first meet them, they’re like an open book. They’ve already told you their darkest secrets, but it’s only been five minutes into the date. This is a huge warning sign of a sneaky person who’s trying to get you to open up so they can see what they can get from you.

#3 Massive mood swings. When things don’t go their way, sneaky people get upset very quickly. Their mood swings happen with a snap, leaving you unsure of what happened. One moment they’re sweet, the next they’re angry. You just can’t keep track.

#4 Boundaries? What boundaries? For them, boundaries are for the weak. You’ve made your boundaries clear, yet, they still try to push the limits. You’ve expressed how you feel about it, but they ignore you every single time.

#5 There’s no empathy. Healthy people are able to understand other human beings and look at situations through different perspectives. But sneaky people don’t have that empathy. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t have empathy, run. Run far away.

#6 They know a little too much about you. You just met, yet they seem to know much more about you than they should. Why? Aside from being creepy, they needed to make sure they had enough information on you to direct the situation. If they didn’t, they would have walked into the situation blind.

#7 They rule the conversation. You may talk during the conversation, but they make sure they control what you talk about. They can’t let a conversation go uncontrolled. That’s not their style. Sneaky people must be in control of the conversation at all times.

#8 They move fast. You went on one date, and they already want to make the relationship exclusive. It’s a little fast, right? Well, they’re trying to create a sense of false trust in you. The only way to do this is by jumping through the natural progression of things.

#9 They’re disconnected. When you talk to a sneaky person, they don’t really feel like they’re there. Almost as if they’re a little dead in the eyes. This is common in narcissists and sociopaths. They’re not really listening to you; they’re plotting. 

#10 They turn people against each other. Sneaky people have motives. Do you think they’re friends with you because they like you? They have a reason why they spend time with you. They create drama and conflict between people. It allows them to break up relationships and take control of the situation.

#11 They tell you how you should feel. Sneaky people will make sure they can control the people around them. They do this by telling you how you should feel, instead of letting you come up with your own decisions. Not only is this not respecting your boundaries, but it’s manipulation.

#12 Don’t give them negative feedback. If there’s one thing untrustworthy people can’t handle, it’s criticism. These people usually have more narcissistic qualities, which means they cannot handle it when people criticize them. They see it as an attack on their worth as a person. Which is why whatever they do is never wrong.

#13 Everything is black and white. When they interact with people, they think in black and white. I don’t mean race. For them, someone is either a good person or a bad person. There’s no middle ground. So, they’ll either love you or hate you. Whatever happens in between isn’t their problem.

#14 They never apologize. An apology? Are you nuts? The last thing they’re going to do is take responsibility for their actions. Sneaky people aren’t interested in acknowledging what they’ve done wrong. They do wrong and get away with it by blaming other people. 

#15 No is not an option. Since they don’t respect your boundaries, you can assume they won’t let you say no and get away with it. When you say no, they pressure you to change your mind. And even if you continue to say no, they don’t back down until they get what they want.

You’re going to encounter a sneaky person at some point in your life. The important thing is to know the signs of sneaky people and identify them right away. Then, you don’t get played.


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