Fifty Shades Of Sonia Final Episode

I sat back up coming back to my senses and being aware of our public setting but luckily no one appeared to have noticed. We were both coming back down from our intensity and I knew this was only going one place if I did not leave, “It was nice seeing you but I need to get back. I have a busy day tomorrow.”

I tried to act casual as I reset my make up and tussled my hair in my camera phone. To my surprise he acted normal as though nothing had happened, “I need to get going too.” He called a cab on his phone as we waited outside and I did likewise.

We were waiting for around 20 minutes when his cab pulled up. I was still waiting and he offered, “You can take mine. I will wait for yours.”

I smiled thinking who said chivalry was dead but I said, “Why don’t we just share it?”

He raised an eyebrow but agreed. We sat in the car and there was an awkward silence. I was still feeling the heat from our earlier interaction and I whispered into his ear, “Have you ever done it in a cab?”

He looked at me with his eyes almost popping out of his head when I grabbed his hand and lifted it up under my dress. He began to continue his fingering of my pussy as I began to rub his crotch. He was already hard. I climbed on top of him as he continued to finger me. I brought him into a kiss, our tongues intertwining. I felt so horny that I could not control myself. I knew this was risky but he ignited something within me that I had not felt in a long time.

The cab pulled up and we pulled away from each other reluctantly as the cab had arrived at my apartment. I did not want to break this up and asked, “Do you want to come in for a coffee?”

He smiled knowing full well what he was coming in for. He followed me in as we walked passed the doorman and into the elevator.

As we got into the elevator he immediately pinned me against the wall holding my hands above my head as he locked me in a kiss. He was aggressive like never before and I had to admit that there was a dark desire growing within me.

He slid up my dress and I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel how hard he was and there was a hunger in both of our bodies. The elevator stopped at my floor and he let me down and I put my dress back in place. He had me on edge and I was eager to get back to my apartment.

As soon as I closed my apartment door he had me pinned against the door. I liked the way he took control and dominated my body with a hunger.

He moved his hand under my dress and ran his fingers under the line of my panties. He buried his head in my neck as he kissed me in my weak point as I felt my body go weak for him. He then whispered in my ear, “I only have sex bareback. Are you on the pill?”

The need inside me was too strong at this point and I only wanted him inside me. I exhaled and nodded my head to say I was. In one swift motion he tore my panties from my body and I felt an exhilaration at being at the mercy of this animal.

He pulled my head back by my hair while still pinning my hands to the door making me gasp. He then filled my mouth with my panties as he whispered with hot breath, “You needed to be gagged a long time ago.” I could taste my wetness and my obvious excitement made me feel shame but I could not stop myself from yearning more.

He lifted me and took me to the bedroom. I slipped my dress over my head and he unclipped my bra and I let it slip off. I had never felt this passion or desire before. I removed his t shirt as he took me to the bed. He took off his belt and used it to tie my hands together to the bed post.

I needed him inside me so desperately but he turned me around so I was on my front. He began to kiss my cheeks escalating to biting. My arousal was building at every moment and I moaned through my panties. I tried to speak but my panties muffled my words. I backed my ass back despite my restraints trying to gain more urgent contact but he kept on with his teasing. He then firmly grasped my ass lifting me into a kneeling position. I could only imagine how submissive I looked with my head bowed and my ass in the air. He spread my cheeks and I heard inhale deeply. I felt so exposed and humiliated at him smelling my most private parts, “Your scent is so divine and inviting. I want to eat your cunt until my last breath. I want to worship your cunt.”

I hated the word ‘cunt’, I had always found it’s use vulgar but in this moment I was not interested in sensibilities as I muffled through my panties, “Please eat me. Worship me.”

He began to tenderly lick and suck on my vagina lips, it was sending sensations through my body and I yearned for more, “Oh god. That is good. Please lick my like a dog.”

He began to lap my wet pussy from top to bottom and it felt heavenly. I began to gyrate against his tongue loving the sensation coursing through my body. I could feel my orgasm building and my gyrations followed the movement of his tongue as he began to focus on my clit. I knew I was getting close and I was soaking my panties with my saliva and my breath was as heavy as he drove me crazy with his tongue. I was so close and then my orgasm hit me as my legs went shaky.

He gave me a few moments to recover but he was soon behind me and I could feel his naked cock running up and down against my entrance. He was teasing me as he asked, “Are you finished or do you want my cock in your cunt?”

I pushed back against it making my needs known but he continued to tease me with his big hard cock and I hungered for it. I could not remember the last time I had a naked cock inside me. Men always wanted to wear a condom as they never trusted women to keep their word about taking the pill.

I moaned, “Please fuck me. I need your cock.”

My pleas muffled by my panties but he continued to tease me, “Where do you want my cock?”

I hated the word but I knew he wanted to hear it, “Please fuck my cunt. I need it.”

He thrust hard into me from behind. His thrusting became harder and faster as I simply took the punishment in my eager cunt due to my restraints.

He began to spank my ass and I loved the domination he was exerting over my body. I had never been restrained or dominated during sex like this before. This felt amazing and I loved every moment of it

His thrusting was becoming harder and I knew he was getting close just as my own orgasm was coming close. I moaned, “Harder. Ruin my cunt. I am so close. Fuck me. Oh god fuck me.”

His thrusts became harder and his spanking became rougher. I was sure he was going to leave marks but all I was interested in was my orgasm.

He came shooting inside me and the sensation of cum inside of me for the first time in a long time triggered one of my most powerful orgasms. I mumbled gibberish as the orgasm ripped through my body. My legs and body thrashing back against him. He held me to calm my body down as we both came down from our orgasms.

It was a few moments later and he left my bedroom. I became slightly panicked thinking he was leaving me in this state and I tried to pull against my restraints but he had tied me too well.

I shouldn’t have worried as he was soon back. He turned me around and I saw that he had a glass full of ice with him. He removed my panties and I was pleased to be free of it, “I was worried you had left. You should have had the decency to untie me first or at least brought me back a drink also.”

He was too comfortable in my apartment, “This is for something else. You will need to learn to trust me.”

He then brought a scarf of mine to cover my eyes and I giggled, “God. Someone has watched 50 Shades this week.”

I could sense his smile as he said, “Something like that.”

My hands were still restrained as I inhaled sharply at the extremely cold sensation of the ice against my nipples. My breasts were relatively small but I had puffy sensitive nipples.

I could sense how erect the cold ice had made my nipples. I winced at feeling, “Oh fuck. That is so cold.” But then he swooped down and sucked on my erect nipples which brought a feeling of extreme sensuality. I had never felt this heightened sexuality in my whole life.

He repeated this on both nipples several times before moving the ice down my body causing me to inhale sharply, “Oh fuck. What are you doing to me?!”

He calmly said, “Be patient. Trust me.”

I bit my lip as I let him continue and he moved the ice between my legs but as it touched clit it was too much and I clasped my legs causing the ice to be trapped. He strongly parted my legs and said, “It is ok. Just trust me.”

I took a sharp breath and let him continue. He began to circle my clit with the ice and I bit my lip trying to balance the sensation of the cold ice and sensual sensation of being touched in this way.

He then removed the ice and began to lick the cold water from the ice from my clit sending a powerful sensation through me, “Oh god. Please fuck me.”

I needed him inside me again. I just wanted to be fucked.

He came up between legs and removed my blindfold and my restraints. I turned him around and pushed him down. I yearned to be free and now it was my time to be in control.

I climbed on top of him and sat down on his hard cock. I grinded against it as our eyes were locked on each other. My hands were on his chest for leverage as I began to ride his dick, “I love your big fucking dick.”

The feeling of a hard naked dick does not compare to anything else and I just wanted to enjoy this moment with this hard dick.

I could see the intensity in his eyes but I was in control and I was going to go at my pace. I was riding him at a slow sensual pace and I could feel the pleasure run through my veins.

I was revelling in these sensations but I could see he was restless. He had an animal inside him that liked to be in control but he was going to have to fight me for it.

My orgasm was getting close when he all of a sudden began to pinch and twist my nipples. The intense pain and pleasure was a new experience and I came again.

He turned me over so that he was on top now and he began to aggressively fuck me. I could feel his dick hitting the back of my cervix as I felt another orgasm coming.

I had never felt this was before or experienced this kind of sex and then he came inside me again as another orgasm over took my body.

We had worn each other out and naturally fell asleep.

6 weeks later

I had not spoken to Jag since that night. The next day I genuinely thought about ending things with Russell and seeing Jag but then my marketing manager called and told me we had several sponsorship deals for the wedding. The reality was Jag would never fit into this world.

Russell patched things up with me and we began planning a summer wedding although he needed some cajoling.

It was then that I realised I had missed my last period. I bought a pregnancy test and it confirmed my worst fears. Perhaps Russell was right to be cautious and now I was having another man’s baby. I mentioned it to my agent before Russell and we agreed a wedding in 2 weeks and the immediate announcement of the pregnancy would be the ultimate social media win.

I changed some dates and convinced Russell. I said to him you cannot trust contraception and luckily his paranoia about contraception helped me convince him.


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