Fifty Shades Of Sonia 4

I could not believe this bitch:-

“You pushed me to do this. I will tell Russell the truth. I have evidence. Meet me tomorrow at Giovanni’s at 8.00pm. I just want to talk.”

She did not reply to my message but knowing her need for control she would be there.



My one indiscretion was going to cost me dearly. I needed to get him to back off before he ruined everything I had worked for.

I went back and forth on whether to meet him. If I ignored him he could do something reckless. If I met him could I make things worse? He had a way of disarming me and I felt a real attraction towards him.

It was only in the morning that I relented and agreed to meet him. I just needed to know he would not do anything reckless.

I saw him sat in a booth the far end of the restaurant. It was not my usual fine dining experience. It was small family restaurant in one of the worse off parts of town but I had to just get through it. I sat down making my annoyance felt but he immediately hit me with his charming smile and I felt myself soften but I was not going to let him and I sternly said, “You need to back off. I am now engaged.”

The waitress interrupted us, “How are you this evening? Can I get you something to drink?”

Jag made her feel at ease despite the tension in the air, “We are doing well. Thank you. I will have a coke.”

I asked for a cocktail but in hindsight this may not have been smartest choice. I never made good decisions when I had a drink.

Once the waitress left he said, “The problem is you don’t love him and he does not love you. You deserve to be happy. Who cares what people think?”

I huffed knowing he was speaking the truth but unable to admit. I excused myself to go to the bathroom to clear my head. I needed to stick to my guns and get him to back. The drinks seemed to have arrived as I could see Jag having a sip of his drink. I steadied myself, “Jag if you really care about me you would leave me go live my life. Even if it is a mistake or a lie. It is my mistake to make.”

He leaner back in his seat almost visibly taking my words in, “You are right. It is your life. Just enjoy this meal with me and I will never contact you again.”

I felt a lot of my anxieties wash away as I heard this and I began to relax. Jag opened up the menu said, “You need to try the lasagne. It is this specialty.”

I laughed and said, “Do you know how many calories will be in that? I will stick to the salad.”

He raised his hands with his finger and thumb touching and he did a mock Italian accent, “Eh come on. You cannot go to an Italian and eat the salad.”

I laughed out loud at this politically incorrect joke. I was a social media star but I could never keep up with the latest outrage. An Indian man doing an Italian accent. Was this racist or cultural appropriation? I guess with someone you could trust it was just some fun. It felt nice to be free from the judgement of the world.

We ordered the lasagne and I had to admit that I was feeling more drunk than usual and I asked him, “What do they put in these things?”

He laughed, “I think it is time for another round.”

He signalled for the waitress to come over. He ordered a sex on the beach and I ordered a screwdriver and we both giggled at the sexual innuendo in the drinks. The waitress gave us an odd look.

We had migrated to the centre of the booth and were sat next to each other. The restaurant was quiet and we had a lot of privacy in our corner booth. It created an intimate atmosphere between us and I felt myself being a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

I took a sip of my drink and the alcohol content was still stronger than I expected. I asked him, “I am telling you this drink is so strong. What about yours?”

He offered the glass to me. I took a sip of his and it was really strong also. It then occurred to me that I had never shared a drink with a man but I was so at ease here. He laughed at my reaction, “I guess they make them differently here. Talking of sex on the beach. Where is the most risky place you have had sex?”


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