Snuggle Up: 15 Fun and Super Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Want to get to know your boyfriend a little better but unsure how? Check out these cute questions to ask your boyfriend and learn more about him.

Getting to know your boyfriend might sound easy, but how well do you really know him? Let’s be honest, men are complex creatures. You might think you know everything there is to know, but when you delve a little deeper, you might be surprised at what you’ll learn with these cute questions to ask your boyfriend.

Weird and wonderful conversations are underrated in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with sitting there and talking about absolute rubbish. There is nothing wrong with sitting there and asking silly questions, trying to second guess their answer and working out just how much you actually know them.

It helps you to bond and allows you to really get to know the person you’re spending so much time with.

15 cute questions to ask your boyfriend—just for fun!

If you’re struggling to come up with a few questions to ask, or you’re just not sure which direction to go, check out these cute questions to ask your boyfriend. Then, figure out what his answers might be.

#1 What is your favorite way to pass the time? Everyone has something they like to do when they’re alone, bored, and just trying to waste a little time. Some people like to read, others like to sing, some people like to just watch Netflix. Ask him what his favorite way to waste some time is and see if it matches up with yours. Maybe you can start wasting time together!

#2 What toy did you play with most when you were a child? This is one of the cute questions to ask your boyfriend because it helps him remember his childhood. He’ll probably sit there with a cute smile on his face, remembering all the fun toys he used to have. Of course, you should also tell him what your favorite toy was too.

#3 If you had to choose a favorite animal, what would it be? You can learn a lot about a person by the type of animal they like best. For instance, people who like dolphins might be calm and serene. Or people who like bears might be protective and fierce. Ask him his favorite animal and then share yours.

#4 What is the best dream you’ve ever had? He might not remember it, but he’ll probably make one up anyway. It still tells you a lot about him. This is one of the cute questions to ask your boyfriend because it tells you where his mind wanders during sleep. It also gets him to use his imagination in the conversation too.

#5 What five words would you choose to describe me? This is definitely high up on the list because it tells you a lot about what he thinks and feels about you. It’s always interesting to let someone else describe you. While you might not totally agree with the words they come up with, it’s a fun conversation nonetheless.

#6 What did you think about me when you first laid eyes on me? You’ve asked him the words he would choose to describe you, and now you want to know what he thought of you the first time he saw you. It might surprise you. Go on, dare to tell him what you thought of him too!

#7 If I was sad, how would you cheer me up? This is interesting to know, because if you are sad at some point in the future *hopefully not*, you can give him pointers now on the best way to make you smile. It’s always good information to have in hand!

#8 How would you describe your perfect date? When it’s your turn to organize date night, this information will come in handy indeed. Of course, you can also tell him about your perfect date and give him some ideas for when it’s his turn to surprise you with a fun night out. While this is one of the cute questions to ask your boyfriend, it’s also pretty useful too!

#9 If you could choose any dessert, what would you choose? Is he going to choose a sophisticated chocolate eclair or a fun-filled ice cream sundae? It might seem like a pointless question to ask, but not all questions have to have a deep, underlying meaning. Think about your ideal dessert too, maybe you go together better than you think!

#10 What would be your dream career? If there were no barriers to choice, no need to train for years, or find the money to go back to school, what career would he choose to have? This tells you a lot about him and the things he finds interesting. It’s one of the cute questions to ask your boyfriend but one which helps you to really get to know him better too.

#11 Who was your hero when you were a child? Was it a family member? A close friend? Perhaps it was a cartoon hero or maybe Superman! Ask him who his hero was and watch his face break into a smile as he remembers all the fun from his childhood.

#12 Which is better – hamburgers or hotdogs? This is silly, fun, cute and pointless, but it’s a fun thing to ask. Which do you like best? If he likes hamburgers, maybe you can make them for dinner, and if he’s a hotdog kind of guy, head out to a fun fair for date night and enjoy some hotdogs!

#13 If you could talk to anyone for 10 minutes, living or otherwise, who would you choose? He might choose a family member that has passed or he might choose his favorite celebrity. Again, his answer will tell you a lot about what he finds important in life and the types of people he holds dear.

#14 What is your favorite thing about me? Go on, you’ve been dying to ask! It’s one of the cute questions to ask your boyfriend, and it’s also a huge confidence booster for you! You also get to tell him your favorite thing about him too, of course.

#15 Are you a tea or coffee kind of person? You might already know this, but if you don’t, it’s a good way to find out what his favorite drink is first thing in the morning!

These cute questions to ask your boyfriend are a mixture of fun-filled and pointless, to deep and searching. This mix will allow you to get to know your guy a little better, but will also make the conversations you have fun and avoid heavy discussions that kill the mood and make you feel less than lighthearted.

Remember to only ever ask questions that you’re comfortable answering too! If you ask him what his favorite thing about you is, the most natural thing in the world is for him to ask you what your favorite thing is about him! So, choose your questions carefully, and be sure to have your own answers ready to go.

Thinking of some cute questions to ask your boyfriend means you get to know him on a slightly deeper level.Go on, try these!


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