Second Chance final episode

He shouted laughter at the ceiling. “I’ll say. I must admit that while I doubt your neighbors will be complaining about our noise level tomorrow if anyone was in the hall a few moments ago they are probably still in shock.”

“Yeah, they’re probably wondering if I moved out and some hot young thing moved in.”

“You are a hot young thing.”

She chuckled. “Young? No. Fifty five is not young at all.”

“It’s still younger than eighty.”

“Well now that is true.”

She turned her head to look at him. “Do you know that the day I met you I was thinking how everyone in the city seems to be so busy ignoring each other that it would probably be impossible for me to ever meet anyone.”

“I felt that way a few times. It’s easy to feel that way. I mean all the neighborhoods I used to know changed. I remember when Tribeca was where all of us young and broke professionals hung out and now I could never afford to live there. I remember when people talked to each other in the hallways and on the streets and now that doesn’t happen either.”

She heaved a sigh. “I know. A lot of my friends moved away after they decided to retire because the city is just too expensive. Now they email me pictures of the places they live and gush on and on about how great it is but, well I still love the city. I just didn’t feel connected to the human race for a little while.”

His fingers tightened on hers. “It’s partly loss I think. And getting older in a place that isn’t the same as it was when we were younger. But mostly I think it’s technology. Nobody wants to talk anymore. Do you know what irritates me?”


He grinned. “Those too. People going out to clubs just to take pictures of themselves at the club so they can post them online and tell everyone online they were at the club. My question is how in the hell are they having fun is all they are doing is taking pictures of themselves?”

“I don’t know.” She didn’t. “Then again I don’t really go to clubs much these days either.”

He shook his head, “Yeah me either. But it’s everywhere. People on their phones talking to anyone but the people nearest them I mean.”

“I hate that.”

“Me too.”

She shifted slightly and hooked a leg across his waist playfully. “Are we the mean people that used to yell at kids to get off their lawns?”

Charles laughed, “I don’t care about a lawn. That’s why I live here. You’ll never get a lawn in my pay bracket.”

She giggled. “You could move to the suburbs.”

He gave her a wounded look. “No. But thank you for that suggestion.”

She settled back against the pillows. His hand went to her breast and stroked it just lightly and her nipple began to grow taut. He stopped and then he hugged her closer. Her face buried in his neck, the smell of his aftershave rested in her nostrils and she traced a little circle on his flat abdomen.

“I’m glad we met.” It was the closest she could come to saying what she really wanted to say, which was she wanted to see him again.

He said, “Me too. Now I have to ask if you are kicking me out.”

“No. I just…I just didn’t know how to ask you if you wanted to stay the night and after that, if you want to see me again.”

His teeth caught at his lower lip. “I didn’t know how to ask either. Isn’t this ridiculous?”

She chuckled, “A little I guess. But still, it’s nice. I mean it’s nice knowing we are sort of in the same boat of cluelessness”

His laughter stopped when she pressed a fierce kiss to his mouth. He tangled a fist into her hair and tugged hard, bringing her mouth even closer. That heat came back but when she slid against his body she understood two things. He didn’t take something to get hard and it would be a while before he was hard again.

That was okay. She was pleasantly sore down there and she was willing to wait. He pulled her closer and said, “I still owe you a show so maybe we should plan on going to one. Are you working all week?”

“I am, all up until Friday. Are you free then?”

“I am.” His fingers ran along her arm and a wide yawn cracked his mouth. “It’s a date then.”

Her own yawn sounded out and she snuggled closer. “Yes, it is absolutely a date.”

It was. She let her eyes close and she drifted off to sleep.


Charles gathered his clothes the next morning while Lillian dashed out of the bed, still trying to hide the slight sag of her bottom and breasts and the stretch marks she knew he probably hadn’t seen the night before.

He grinned at her as he slid his legs into his trousers. “You look so pretty with your hair like that.”

Her hand went to her head. Her hair was decidedly rumples and tangled, and she could still smell their sex on her hands and in her hair. She blushed a little and said, “Thank you. You look really good naked.”

He dropped the trousers back on the floor. His cock, already stiffening again, stood up red and ripe from the thatch of brown curls at the junction of his thighs. “Watch out. You might make us both late for work.”

“I haven’t been late in years.” Her eyes went to his cock and a growing desire filled her lower body. “A lot of years.”

He advanced toward her. His cock trembled slightly and liquid gathered and spread inside her core. He said, “I haven’t either.”

“You’re a bad influence Charles,” Lillian said as he swept her into his strong arms and they headed back toward the bed. “A very bad influence.”

“I was about to say the same of you,” he said then nibbled on her ear.

They tumbled into the bed, work and everything else forgotten, everything but the moment and the pulsing heated ardor rising higher with each silken caress and heartbeat.


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