Second Chance 5

His hands found the clever little zipper at the back of her dress and a sudden onslaught of worry assailed her. She had a little sag here and there, and some loose skin. A few stretch marks and an ugly patch of spider veins on the back of one leg. Would he notice? Would he care?

Her black lace panties and bra elicited a hiss of indrawn air from him and his hands found her breasts, caressing them through the fabric. His mouth bent to one and she stared down, entranced at the sight. He let his fingers find the clasp between her breasts and her tits sprang free, spoiling out from the confines of silk and satin and into his hands.

His tongue traced across the aureole and then his lips closed around her nipples, tugging and suckling while more heat spilled through her body, making the crotch of her panties grow sodden and sticky.

Her fingers went to his suit jacket and she pulled it off and let it fall to the floor. She fumbled at buttons and when she got his shirt off she found a trim waist and flat stomach, the waistband of his trousers, and she fumbled with the zipper and button there until she got his pants down.

His cock was as thick and hard as she had imagined it would be. The tip was purple with blood and heavy veins wrapped around the shaft, pulsing in a road map of his desire.

Her hand traced those veins and then closed around the shaft. He filled her palm, rigid and throbbing. So thick and heavy that she wanted to simply impale herself on that length, take it all inside her body and keep him there for a very long time.

They found their way to the bed. He pushed her onto it and then he joined her. The mattress sagged slightly beneath his weight and she groaned as his fingers found the top edge of her panties and then lowered them. Lillian kicked the panties off one foot and his fingers ran through the neatly trimmed thatch of hair there at the center of her thighs. Sticky fluids gathered on her labia and fell, coating his fingers as they slid upward to find the pounding bud of her clit.

He rubbed it gently then harder. Her breath caught and her back arched as he circled the tender bud and began to crawl down her body slowly. His kisses rained down on her skin. His tongue moved over her flesh, spreading fire in its wake.

He found her clit and her fingers tangled into his hair, tugging hard as she sought to get her pussy closer to his clever tongue. His fingers slid inside her, going deep. The cry that wrenched its way out of her mouth was guttural and desperate.

His fingers and tongue worked harder and faster. Her belly quivered as friction and heat combined and her eyes closed while her toes, pointed toward the ceiling, began to flex and curl.

“Oh my God that feels so good,” she whimpered.

“You taste good. So very delicious.” His tongue swiped at her clit again and another moan broke from her mouth. It was all happening so fast. She was already on the verge of an orgasm and she wanted to wait, wanted to make it last but she was so close—too close—and with every touch she drew even closer to that edge.

His fingers worked faster, his tongue alternating licks and circles across and around her aching flesh. Her mouth hung open and her fingers tightened their grip in his thick hair.

“Oh God. Oh my God.” Her cry burst from her mouth and then a long shudder rolled through her body, making her thighs clench together, and she only just managed to keep her legs parted enough to keep from squeezing his head to bits between her thighs.

He moved upward. Her fluids glistened and gleamed on his mouth and chin and he caught her lips in a long kiss, feeding her the delicate sugary and salty flavor of her body. She drank it in, her tongue meeting his as he positioned himself above her and then reached for his pants. “Goddamn condoms,” he muttered as he tried to reach the pants and finally succeeded. He came up with a foil packet and he tore it open quickly then unrolled the condom onto his prick.

He thrust inside her, his hips arching and bucking as he went deep then deeper still. His hand moved between their bodies and he caressed the bud of her clit, still twitching from the aftershocks of her orgasm, fast and hard, making her cry out as sharp sensation rocketed through her body and sent her flying toward the edge of a second and equally intense climax.

He filled her body. His long and pounding organ filled her all the way. His dick stretched her walls, slid across the inner folds and speared them open. His entry was divine and the withdrawal of that heavy and hot flesh sweet and wonderful. More friction built. Lillian could do nothing but hang on.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and her heels banged against his back. His hips smashed against hers and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass rang out loudly over the sound of their ragged breathing and murmurs of pleasure.

His fingers found her hair and he pulled it gently then kissed her until she was breathless.

He groaned out, “Holy mother of—fuck you feel so good Lillian. You feel so damn good. Fuck me baby; take every inch of that cock in your pussy.”

His words, so filthy and hot, made her cry out. Her back and abs worked harder. Her inner thighs quivered. Her nails raked along his back, leaving small furrows there. Her mouth met his ear and she bit down on it then she shuddered again as his hand moved against her clit a final time, pressing down hard on her clit in a single merciless stroke that made her come so hard she could not even breathe at all.

Literally, she lost her breath. Charles said, “I’m going to come. Holy shit, I am. I’m going to come now Lillian.”

His chin dug into her shoulder and his body went rigid before loosening. His hips moved back and forth rapidly then he came. She felt him coming, felt the thick seed spilling into the condom and the beating of his enormous organ inside her swollen walls.

His face buried itself in the hollow between her neck and shoulder and her fingers caressed his back as he juddered and jerked for a few moments while she wrapped her arms around him and held him closer.


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