Second Chance 4

Frustrated and exasperated with her doubt she took a few long breaths and walked slowly back into the living room of her small but pretty apartment. She had fallen in love with the place when she had first seen it, as a young woman, and while the paint and furnishings and even the kitchen had been changed from the way it had been in the years since she truly loved the place still.

But it had an emptiness to it now that Bill was gone. She’d finally gotten around to getting rid of all of his things the year before and that made her sad and glad at once. She was happy enough and she knew it. She didn’t need Charles to automatically fall in love with her and move into the place, she just needed some company.

And some sex. No use in denying it. The vibrator was nice and she was willing to keep using it if things with Charlie didn’t pan out but a vibrator couldn’t talk to her afterward and she missed that too, missed the intimacy and the talk and the cuddling.

Her bell rang. Lillian stiffened, took a nervous breath and cast one more glance around the apartment. Neat and tidy as always. No suspicious looking laundry baskets piled high, no forgotten candy wrappers or books lying about. She headed for the door and opened it then promptly lost her breath.

Charles wore a dark suit with a crisp white shirt below, the long striped tie contrasting perfectly. His thick brown hair was swept back from his forehead and he held a single and gorgeous white rose. He stared at her, obviously bemused, recovered, and said, “Holy…wow. I …you’re even more gorgeous than you were Sunday. I’m babbling.”

“It’s okay. You look wonderful. Very wonderful.” Edible was the word that had come first to her mind. His aftershave hung around him, subtle but there, rich and complex. He had on just enough of it to make her want to lean in and get a longer deeper whiff of the delicious stuff.

He stood there. She smiled. “Do you want to come in for a glass of wine before we head out?”

He nodded. She stepped back and he stepped inside the place, immediately filling it with his presence. The width of his shoulders was accented by the suit and she had to restrain herself from lifting a hand and running it across that fabric, squeeze lightly in order to feel the muscle and skin and bone below.

She had the wine already decanted and she asked, “Do you like red wine? I should have asked.”

“I love it.”

She poured them both a tall glass. His voice had been husky when he had answered her about the wine and she knew that he was just as confounded and excited as she was. There was a noticeable bulge near the front of his slacks and she knew without even seeing it that his dick was thick, chubby, and long.

Oh she wanted to feel him inside of her. Wanted to feel him thrusting that hardness into her deep well! She handed him the glass and their fingers met. Another shiver ran right through her skin at the slight contact. She downed the wine a little too quickly, and her head swum slightly as a result.

Charles set his glass aside. “Are you ready to go?”

She took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I am.”

He took her arm. They headed out of the apartment and turned toward the avenue. The place they’d agreed on wasn’t far at all, a matter of less than three blocks. His hip touched hers occasionally as they walked, and his hand brushed against hers sometimes too. Heat blossomed and bloomed and she had to restrain a smile when he jumped slightly after her breast brushed against the back of his arm in what was not quite an accident on her part.

They reached the restaurant. He held the door open for her just as he had the day that they had had lunch and when they got to the table it was Charles and not the bored-looking waiter who pulled out her chair and helped her to sit.

They sat there, sipping water and staring at the menu. They talked a bit but there was a tension between them and she knew exactly what it was. They wanted each other. They wanted each other and all of this—dinner and a show, even the conversation they were having—was just the lead-in to that wanting. They wanted each other and they were both too adult to play any silly games about that.

They ordered and she leaned forward. She gathered her arms closer to her body as she did so. It was deliberate. The swell of her breasts got higher, and the valley between them deepened and grew more shadowed, and more exciting. His eyes went to her breasts and stayed there for a long moment before he jerked them upward again to her face.

There was a naked desire written on his face and she smiled at him. He passed her the bread basket and she said thanks and took a roll, sitting back to nibble it slowly, washing down the nibbles with a velvety wine he had ordered.

The restaurant was dimly lit, and very quiet. The hush was as deep and dark ads his eyes, which lingered on her the entire meal. The heat growing in her belly became a raging fire. She had trouble even registering what she was eating. She watched him eat, enjoying the way that he ate slowly but with real relish.

Would he treat her the same way? Savor each and every single drop and inch of her?

The thought sent little flashes of heat along her nerve endings.

When their meal was over they left the restaurant and ended up on the sidewalk. The street hung quiet and empty around them. She turned to him. His arms came around her and he pulled her in close. Her breasts flattened against his chest. Their mouths collided. His lips were warm and full, soft but firm.

His tongue snaked into her mouth. Her body arched toward his and her lips parted. Her tongue met his in a slow parry and thrust. His hands ran from her shoulders to her upper arms.

They finally parted when the lights of an oncoming car hit them. Breathless and elated she eyed him. “I don’t really care about the how.”

His lips curved upward. “Neither do I.”

“So…so would you like to come back to my place?”

He smiled at her. “I would love that, more than anything else.”

She managed to breathe past the thumping of her heart. “Then why are we still standing here?”

“Because running along the street with you in tow would be unseemly.”

Her laughter made his smirk grow wider. She said, “This is true. So we’ll walk.”

They did. They let their bodies meet and part in a precursor to what would come next. Lillian was beyond excited and she knew he was too. She fumbled for her keys and they entered the apartment slowly. He caught her up into another passionate clinch, his mouth more demanding now as they both gave in to the heat blooming between them.


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