What Makes a Man Want to Kiss a Woman? The Most Kissable Traits

What Makes a Man Want to Kiss a Woman

Men can be confusing. You think he wants to kiss you, but he isn’t making a moving. So, what makes a man want to kiss a woman exactly?

The whole dating, attraction, and crushing thing might give you butterflies and feel great, but let’s be honest, it’s also confusing, appetite-stealing, and ultra-stressful at the same time. You like him, you think he likes you back, but you can’t be sure. He hasn’t kissed you yet, and you don’t feel like you can make the move and kiss him first. What makes a man want to kiss a woman then? When you know what makes him want to kiss you, you can adjust your behavior and have him leaning in for the smooch!

However, the situation is complicated by the fact that not all guys are the same. What might make one guy weak at the knees may have zero effect on another.

Who said this whole situation was easy?! The only way forward is to go with the general approach. So let’s check out exactly what makes a man want to kiss a woman, then you can use what you’ve learned and have him in the palm of your hand.

What makes a man want to kiss a woman without fail?

You want to get him leaning in, but you’re not sure how to go about it. While I can’t guarantee success, these are some of the ways to make your guy weak at the knees.

#1 Don’t give it all up at once. I’m not talking about sex here, because you really should have shared a kiss before you get to that point. I’m talking about telling him everything about you. There has to be a little held back and that’s what makes a man want to kiss a woman on so many levels. He wants to learn more. The way you’re standing, what you’re wearing, how you smell, it’s all building up to this crescendo of pressure that he can’t take. The next move is a kiss!

#2 Be a little mysterious. Moving on from the last point, be a little mysterious. It’s super-sexy and makes a guy go crazy. However, there is a line here. Mysterious means giving a little away, holding just enough back, and having that naughty glint in your eyes with a coy smile. It’s the combination that hits the spot.

#3 Highlight your lips in some way. This doesn’t mean layer so much gloss on your lips that they shine from half a mile away, but it does means subtly turning his attention to your lips. A pop of red lipstick might do it, biting your lip might do it, or maybe a nude lip with a liner to accentuate and plump them up. Every guy is different. But drawing attention to your lips means that his mind is on moving closer and kissing you.

#4 A good amount of eye contact. Eye contact means that you’re interested. If he’s holding your gaze back, it’s a good sign. However, staring is not a good thing! If you combine eye contact with a bite of the lip, his mind will certainly be moving towards kissing. It’s definitely on the list of what makes a man want to kiss a woman!

#5 Being approachable, but only to him. Make it a little easy for the poor guy! If you’re stand-offish and playing hard to get, he will feel far too worried about approaching you. As a result, you’re not going to get a kiss.

Simply make it clear that you want to talk to him, and he will feel more comfortable making the first move. The trick here is to make it clear that it’s only him you want to be approached by. Avoid flirting up a storm with other guys. That won’t make him want to kiss you!

#6 Gaze at his lips. I’ve already mentioned highlighting your lips in some way, but if you gaze at his lips every so often, you’re basically showing him that you want him to kiss you. That gives him confidence that if he makes a move, you’re not going to turn him down. What makes a man want to kiss a woman? Desire and the knowledge that she isn’t going to push him away!

#7 A few tactile touches go a long way. Again, it’s about confidence. Guys might seem super-confident, but they’re just as scared of being knocked back as everyone else. When you’re talking to him, a few playful touches to his arm will show him that you’re interested. When you combine it with biting your lip and eye contact, he’ll be more inclined to take things a little further. Of course, all of this also gets his engine revving and he’ll definitely want to kiss you!

Or, you could just tell him!

It could be that the guy wants to kiss you, in fact he’s desperate to. But he’s scared you’ll turn him down, worried he’s read the signals wrong, or he’s just a lacking in confidence. If you’ve tried all the moves, and you’re pretty sure that you want this kiss, just take the pressure off the poor dude and tell him!

Some guys love it when a woman takes control, so simply say in a playful manner “are you going to kiss me yet?” Combine that with a playful smile and all the pressure will disappear, leaving him free to just move in and do what you’ve been wanting him to do all night!

As before, knowing what makes a man want to kiss a woman varies from guy to guy. Generally, the seven points above will usually hit the spot time after time. If you’re vibing with the guy, if you think there’s a spark between you, and you’re sure that you want things to move a step further, you’ll usually hit the jackpot by displaying body language that communicates your desires to him.

Flirting is such a minefield. You can never be sure if you’re thinking what they’re thinking, if you’re on the same page, or what is going to happen next. Some find it exhilarating. Some find it exhausting, I just find it totally confusing! However, those first few flushes of attraction are exciting. When it moves in the direction you want it, it’s a feeling like no other.

The kiss is the first major milestone. It’s the confirmation that you’re both heading towards something, whatever that may be, and that you like each other in the same way too. Remember, he’s probably just as embarrassed or scared about the whole thing as you are, so don’t expect him to take the reins completely! Take some the pressure off and help him out. You can kiss him too, it’s not against the rules!

What makes a man want to kiss a woman varies from guy to guy. Nevertheless, there are some points which are pretty universal.


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