Your Dream Girl final episode

Stepping towards the door I felt a new sensation between my legs. Each step I made had those bristles rubbing against my lips, gently teasing my clit and sending slight spasms through my muscles. Work was about to get much more interesting.

Back at my register I made my way through a distracted day, at times hardly able to focus on even how to work that machine. My focus was in between my legs. Squeezing the hardwood brush inside of me. Rubbing my legs together to feel the bristles tickle my swollen clit. The wetness has definitely grown and I can feel my entire pubic region soaked in the slick layer of my delicious nectar of love. It’s smell wafting up into my nostrils, intoxicating and debilitating to my job duties. I was certain the wetness would soon soak through my jeans, if it hadn’t already, I was getting scared to bend over for fear of exposing myself.

For a while time seemed to stop as I reveled in the sensations deep within me. I felt like I needed to come right then and there – but I couldn’t. Such a deep release is sure to give me away. If not by my moaning, then by the physical spasms my body was sure to go through as I let everything I had built up for the day rush through me. It became harder and harder to bring myself down from the edge but eventually I seemed to hit a plateau. I was in a state of deep and true arousal. My body ached for release as my mind raced with thoughts of the night before – wanting to be back with my dream lover again. I could almost feel his hot breath against my neck as a wave of heat surged through my body again. There was a slow and rhythmic contraction beginning to stir around my brush buried deep within me. I could ride this feeling all day. Just don’t come yet.

After what seemed like an eternity I was finally clocking out and heading back to my car. Sitting down sent a chill down my spine as the brush headed ever deeper inside of me and the long bristles ran across my lips, teasing and licking them in new ways I had yet to feel until now. This was going to be a tough ride back home but I can finally get more comfortable when I get there.

Pulling the key out of my now unlocked door I barely remember to close and lock it back behind me. I’m making a beeline for my bedroom, dropping bits of clothing along the way. First my shoes, then my shirt, then wriggling out of my pants I can see just how soaked I’ve gotten them throughout this incredible day. I feel a chill run down my spine, ending in my clit as I shudder thinking about how this will feel. I’ve only kept on those soaking wet boy shorts I love so much. The way the accent my ass is wonderful and I love checking myself out in the mirror – but there’s no time for that tonight.

Finally making it into my bed I throw myself down face first, burying my face in the pillow as I imagine the man in my dreams taking me from behind. My hips beginning to buck to and fro, the bristles of the brush still teasing and tickling my lips. “Oh god, I need you right now,” I moan out wishing I had someone here to hear my cries of desire. A hand reaching back and grabbing my ass and pulling towards my back, exposing my insides slightly more around the handle of my brush.

As good as they feel against my skin, the boy shorts need to go. They’re just getting in the way of what I really need now. Pulling them down around my ankles the cool air of my room sends a gentle breeze through my legs giving me goosebumps all around once more. My hands run up my thighs, one stopping to grab a hold of the brush, another continuing upwards to circle my clit a few times on the way to my nipples. Tugging and pinching them sends electric chills through your nerves as you begin to thrust in and out again with the brush.

The wooden handle reaching deep inside of me and exploring my insides again you can feel a swelling deep within you knowing that the culmination of the day is almost here. With a gentle turn I feel that amazing soft spot towards the front of my pussy start getting worked better than I ever remember it being before. With wooden handle of my new favorite toy jamming up against my G-spot I can hear my juices getting sloshed around inside me on their way out and down past my now quivering ass. My entire body is beginning to shake with each contraction of my pelvic muscles. Working out through masturbation always felt so good – and I’m sure that I will be sore in the morning.

Closing my eyes I try to return to the man from my dreams but can only make out a shadowy figure, my mind is too distracted to come any closer but I can feel him inside me now. Thrusting deep, filling my every inch with his loving touch. My hands become his hands and I can feel him caress my body again – running across my stomach and hips, teasing my breasts before pinching the nipples and making me yelp in delight. I’ve finally got him back. His hands reaching around my neck, my shoulders and pulling himself in close as he puts his hands around my cheek to pull me in for a kiss. I can nearly taste him on my lips. His finger runs across them and I grab it in my mouth, gently biting down, licking and sucking on it – never wanting to let it go from me.

The thrusts continue deep into my folds of smooth velvet and I unconsciously let out a load moan from deep within and I can feel the flow in between my legs increase as I clamp down onto my dream lover. It could have been only a second but that moment seemed to last forever. I had him trapped within me as I came, he couldn’t escape me now. Then the release, more juices draining down and out of me as I tense up again and feel my entire body tighten. I can’t even move anymore, only the sound of my screaming can be heard and I was running out of breath. That release of his hold on me and I could catch a quick breath before he grabbed a hold and I contracted again into his embrace.

Somewhere during this, my hand found its way onto my clit. Swollen and sensitive to the point where even a light rub felt like I was being licked and sucked on. The added sensation only heightened my orgasm and left me drifting on higher into another plane of pleasure and consciousness. I came again and could feel a constant quivering emanate from my insides – the same quivering you feel when you hold a heavy box too long – the feeling of your muscles being unable to take anymore and almost giving up. The only sound coming from my mouth at this point was one long, deep moan – signaling the massive and unprecedented release I was experiencing with my dream lover.

I’m not sure how long it lasted but when I began to come down from that high I knew I had never felt anything so amazing in my life before. Never had I felt so good and drained, whether by myself or with a man. I know the man in my dreams is who did it. His shadowy figure coming in and taking me, the way he so perfectly caressed and touched me inside and out. The way he whispered words of love into my ear in that perfect dreamlike tone that I can never remember in the morning.

I barely felt the paint brush slide out of me as I curled up on the bed. The soaking wet spot between my legs wouldn’t bother me tonight. I would wear my juices all night as a badge of honor – inviting him back into my dreams. Hoping he would take me as his own and fulfill my every wish and hope of seeing him again tonight. My dream lover would be back, I could already feel him again – cradling me in his arms as I curled up a little more under the covers and slipped off to sleep. And back into his world


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