Your Dream Girl 2

Lunch break was coming up and I knew I wouldn’t be eating much today. I grabbed a green apple from the store next door and ate it quickly on my way back towards work. The taste of it was so sweet, the firmness of its skin in my mouth as I bit into it was strangely turning me on even more. I savored every bite, soaking up the new taste in my mind and enjoying the way it made my mouth water. With my last bit a drizzle of saliva and apple escaped from the corner of my mouth and ran down my chin, creeping down my neck. It sent chills up my spine and I imagined my dream lover sending his hot seed dripping down my face as I reached to wipe it up for a taste.

Sneaking over by my cash register I set my purse down as if to look for something before carefully slipping the paintbrush inside. I hoped no one saw me, but the fire within me had grown to the point where I couldn’t stop myself. I was running on pure sexual energy right now.

Heading into the employee bathroom and locking the door I admired my petite figure in the mirror for a moment. Running my hands up and across my body, stopping to squeeze my breasts and feeling my already perked up nipples harden even more through the cotton of my shirt. With a firm tug on them I let out a soft moan of desire from deep within. Grabbing the paintbrush from my purse I admired it once more in my hands. The soft bristles, the curve in the wood meant to fit into the palm of your hand looked perfect to fit right inside of me.

Lifting up my shirt and dropping my jeans I noticed the glistening spot in between my legs where all my juices have soaked into those boy shorts I loved so much. The tickling of the bristles against my skin was almost too much to bear, shivers down my spine and goosebumps rose across my entire body. Hairs I didn’t even know I had stood up on end. I gently painted my nearly naked body with my new toy as I felt that fire between my legs intensify to the point I couldn’t take anymore. I needed to touch myself, to feel the tongue-like brush against my soft lips. I always heard natural hair brushes were the best – I now knew why I’ve never felt anything so soft against my skin.

I began to lower my underwear slowly, feeling them tug at my hips as they slid down. I caught a sight that showed me just how hot I’ve been all day. The insides of my boy shorts were soaked, slick with my sweet nectar – strings of it stuck to my lips and stretched as I continued to lower them down my legs. I never thought I could be so turned on from my own body. I felt a newfound rush of sexual energy course through my body – shocking through every nerve and making my skin feel hot and flushed.

Taking the brush in my hand again I painted up and down my thighs, working around and up my hips until it rested against the soft skin of my mound. The tease was getting unbearable and I’d have to get back to work soon. As much as I’d love to, I couldn’t spend all day in here. I felt the first flicks of the brush against my lips and a wave of pleasure rolled through me sending another moan through me. I closed my eyes and ran the bristles across and all around my lips, feeling them gently part as I neared their meeting point – my mind going back to my dream lover, his tongue running across my body, gently licking every bit of me. I couldn’t help but let out a series of ever increasing moans as I felt a need for him inside of me.

The bristles now thoroughly soaked I pulled them up tracing a path across my stomach and up my breasts. Making out a spiral in towards my aching nipples and then across them sending spasms of pleasure down my spine and creating a shocking sensation in between my legs. I felt my muscles tense up and release sending a stream of my wetness running slowly down my thigh teasing me like only he could.

I couldn’t take anymore, I needed this inside of me and now. Bringing the brush back down gave one last tickle across my dripping lips and I switched my grip on it. I wanted to feel the bristles against my lips as the wooden shift filled my insides. Even though the wood was dry, slipping it in was no problem. Inside of me was so much of my sweet juices that I felt almost no resistance as my soft inner folds stretched to accommodate my new toy. Gently at first I thrust in and out, enjoying the sensation now filling my body. The way the contours of the handle worked my favorite bits of me, stretching and relaxing my folds of intimacy as I pushed and pulled over and over again. The cool metal where the bristles meet the handle was now reaching my body temperature. It just felt so comfortable inside of me I didn’t want to take it back out.

Glancing at my phone I realized I’ve been in here way too long. I need to get back to work! I push my brush deeper inside of me so that only the bristles stuck out, the rest held firmly in place by the unrelenting grip of my body. As I pulled the cotton of my underwear up I heard I knock on the door, “Kat, are you still in there? Is everything okay?” it was the voice of my manager, wondering why I wasn’t finished with my lunch break yet. “I’m fine, I just had to re do some of my makeup. Give me one minute,” I replied back trying out hold back the quivering of pleasure in my voice. I finished pulling my pants up and felt the touch of my bristles running across the outsides of my lips – pressing into me from my pants. The trail of my juices leading up my stomach was still damp and I gave my nipples one last squeeze and a twist before lowering my shirt and smirking at myself in the mirror – admiring my own sexy body at a new peak of sexual tension.


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