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My day started off on a wonderful note. Being so tired from work the last few days had me in bed earlier than normal last night to ensure I had enough rest for the long day ahead of me today. Feeling the sun rays kiss my face softly began to stir me from my deep slumber, dreams of an unknown man floating through my mind.

I couldn’t recall what he looked like but the way he touched me was like no other man I’ve ever felt before. His firm hands caressing every inch of my body, gently working me thoroughly inside and out. I felt that strange sense of connection only a good dream can bring into me – it’s like I’ve met him before. Dreams like this make me believe in reincarnation – I must have known him in a past life, our bond felt too strong to have not.

Rousing slightly in my bed as the warmth of the sun brings me into the living world, away from the man of my dreams I can still feel his touch inside of me. Laying in bed for a while longer I try to imagine his face – I need to know my mystery man. Yet in the mysterious way that dreams are, I can only remember his touch. A touch I will not soon forget.

Opening my eyes ever so slightly, I am greeted my the shining sun and the sight of a beautiful sky above. Not a clear day by any means but the clouds above seem to fill upwards gracefully into the sky, contrasting beautifully and shading my eyes against the bright morning sun. It is at that moment I first notice the burning fire deep within my legs. It must be my dream man, still reaching inside of me and caressing my body. I can already tell today is going to be an interesting day.

Reaching up, arm bent and hands running through my hair I stretch out. Pulling against the stiffness of a good night’s sleep I feel a release of the tension in my muscles. “I haven’t slept this well in I’m not even sure how long,” I think to myself, smiling with the pleasure of a good stretch.

As I roll over to bring myself out of bed I can feel my favorite shorts brush up and pull slightly at me, deepening the my knowledge flaming sensation in between my legs. As I get up and feel the soft carpet underneath my feet I feel a brush of wetness on my shorts against my leg. I love wearing them to sleep. The way the loose fitting soft cotton caresses my skin is just incredible. I’m not sure when the last time I woke up so aroused was. There he goes again, my dreamy mystery man, making his presence known in the most satisfying – yet frustrating of ways.

Glancing at the clock I’m glad I went to bed so early last night. I’ve got more than enough time to get myself ready for work with a little extra time to spare. Maybe I’ll just spend a little longer in the shower this morning.

The rush of hot water streaming over me feels incredible and I only wish my dream man was here to join me. His large, work hardened hands washing my body, caressing my back and filling me with pleasure. I pay more careful attention to my body, all the soft curves and crevices in my skin are longing for his touch and I turn up the water even hotter than usual. As the bathroom fills with steam the heat loosens up every muscle in my body. Feeling the pulsations of hot water washing away all the tension within me as I pass the shower head up and down my body. The way that the water falls upon the skin of my chest and runs down me, rolling across my breasts, flowing down my stomach and caressing the smooth skin in between my legs before it runs down my thighs is simply intoxicating. I can feel the heat centered in between my thighs growing to incredible new heights. I want to touch myself, feel my insides and love myself like only my dream lover can. But I won’t, not yet. I can work myself into a frenzy today. I can make work much more interesting today.

The best part of having such perfectly sized and perky breasts is not having to wear a bra if I don’t want to. Today is another one of those days. As I look through my closet to pick out the perfect dress for my day, I decide on a tight flitting black shirt, a pair of black cotton boy shorts covered by my favorite blue jeans. The shirt plain, but one of my favorites. The way it pulls against my skin ever so slightly and rubs against my nipples as I bend over to pull my pants on let’s me know I picked the perfect outfit for work today. I feel a slight dampness squeeze out through my legs as I bend over to tie my shoes and begin to start my day.


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