12 Hours In New York final episode

“I’m gonna have to throw away these panties. You ruined them.” He smiled brightly up at her.

“maybe the driver will buy you a new pair. I think he enjoyed the show”

In her lust she had completely forgotten about him and quickly felt embarrassed.

“No need to worry mam. I’ve seen much worse in my cab over the years.” They all laughed.

Lana finally got off of Jace’s lap and sat next to him and he held her close against his chest.

The rest of the ride to the hotel was uneventful as the couple kept kissing and making eyes and smiles at each other, not being able to wait to finally get there and really enjoy one another. They got to the hotel, giving the cabbie a good tip. Jace went to sign them in and held her hand as he walked her to the elevator bank. It was a nice hotel. Not a particularly upscale one, but definitely higher end. They would only be there for a few hours but she was glad he wanted to take her somewhere nice. Again he made her feel that she was special and worth his time and effort.

The moment they opened the door, he grabbed her and pushed her against it. Closing it with her back. He began to kiss her and grabbed her ass.

He stuck his tongue in her mouth again and she wrapped her arms around his neck. This kiss was deep and loving as all the rest but there was a lust that seemed to overtake this one. She could feel his hard on, but it was the beating of his heart that told her just how much he wanted her. He pulled down her skirt and her panties. Tossing them aside. He lifter her up and led her towards the bed. He laid her down softly, kissing her sweet lips. He ran his hands up and down her legs, the inside of her thighs teasing her and making her want him more. He moved his hands and grabbed her ass, kissing her neck.

He took off her top and her bra. Finally she was naked before him. He had to take a moment to stop and enjoy the view he had in front of him. She was beautiful. No she was perfect. Her breast fit her small frame with ease a flat stomach and her pussy, hot wet and ready for him.

He took off his shirt and she stared at his chest and wide shoulders. So strong with his smooth skin. He removed his jeans and she watched as he pulled his pants and boxers, revealing his big cock inch by inch. When the garments had been discarded he laid down between her legs and began kissing her lips.

There was an urgency and heat to these kisses. Their mouths were hot as their bodies came as one for the first time. Jace held himself up and guided his hard dick to her soft pussy. He didn’t put it in her yet. Just toyed with her entrance. He dragged it around her opening and farther up towards her clit. It was electric to the touch. They both gasped. He looked at her in the eyes and told her “You’re beautiful”. She smiled brightly before she shot her head up in surprise and pleasure. He had pushed the head of his dick inside her when she hadn’t expected it.

He pushed in her slowly, inch by inch so she could feel all of him. All the while never breaking eye contact. They stared at each other while they connected in the most intimate way two people could. The only way they had yet to.

Jace finally was in her fully, and she could feel him deep in her. He fit perfectly she thought. And laid down on top of her, kissing her and playing with her tits as he pumped into her slowly. Feeling her tight walls around his cock was the greatest thing he had ever felt. He moved down and took her breast into his mouth. She moaned loudly as he continued to take her body with his dick. Touching all of the right places and driving her wild.

He began fucking her faster, the bed started shaking. He sat up on his knees spreading her legs even more, he grabbed her hips and began pistoning into her as if there were no tomorrow. She was amazing he thought. She continued to squeeze her muscle around his dick whenever he pushed his dick into her. He began fucking her harder, pushing his dick into her as hard and as fast as possible. She chimed in rolling her hips into him, trying to take more and more of him. He took one hand and reached her clit and began to tap it with his thumb, that’s all she needed to cum once again.

“Oh shit, jace oh shit!” Thankful that this time she didn’t have to hold back her screams, she let her orgasm take over as he continued to fuck her mercilessly. As soon as she was done she felt another one building right back and had no idea what to think. He pulled out of her, spun her around and pierced her again. This time from behind. She set her head down on the bed and llifted her hips. He grabbed them and began to fuck her hard, driving his dick again and again into her wet pussy.

Lana screamed as she came again, loving the feeling of his balls slapping her clit every time he would penetrate her.

Jace was also moaning and groaning. This had been the best fuck he’d ever had. He loved her body, her legs, her ass her tits. The tightness of her pussy. It was almost as if she was build for sex. Almost as if she was build for sex with him. His dick fit perfectly in her, her pussy almost hugged him. Made him feel like this was the one place in the world it was meant for. He was so close, grabbed her hips and began fucking her harder.

“Oh shit lana, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m gonna fucken cum”

And cum he did, he exploded within the very depths of her, and feeling his cum hit her insides sent her over the edge. She came on his dick as he came inside her. It was what they had both wanted. What they had both needed.

Jace look over at the clock, they had a little bit of time before they needed to get going.

“You doing okay L?”

“Dude I’m awesome right now!”

“haha, same here. That was amazing. I was not expecting this when I left DC this morning.”

“You think I was when I left Toronto?”

“I bet you wanted it to. I bet you were so hot just thinking about the possibilities.”

“I was not!”

He stared at her with a look of hurt that could not be more fake.

“You weren’t? that’s what a man likes to hear.”

They both laughed. Relieved that they had been able to fall back into their friendship with so much ease. They held each other and kissed, and felt the waves of happiness wash upon them both.

“Do you have to take this flight?”

“You know I do. I’m a bridesmaid at this damn wedding.”

“Be real do you even like this chick?”

“Not as much as I like your dick, but she’s good people”

“My dick is flattered.” They laughed

“Its not just your dick I like you know that.”

“I’m sure of it.”

They kissed before they took a shower together, and washed each other from head to toe. Lana once again showed him just how much she liked him and his dick with her mouth. They got dressed and left the hotel hoping to quickly hail a cab. The city was just beginning to come to life again, they cuddled in the back seat and kissed. Jace had always loved New York, having lana there with him and the night they had spent together made him love this city all the more.

At the airport they checked her in with no trouble. They walked together hand in hand towards the entrance to the gates, where he would not be able to go with her any further. They held each other close.

“What happens now?” she asked him.

“You go back for this wedding, and I’ll be right here when you come back.”

“Really? You’d come back?”

“Of course I would, but how about the next time you stay for 48 hours and we can really do things right?”

She beamed with a huge smile. So full of happiness and love for her dear old friend. He smiled right back at her, he could not be more fulfilled than he was at that very moment. He loved her, he always had. And he hoped that they would get to explore these feelings more.

“I love the idea Jace, it’ll be amazing.”

“Just like every other moment spent with you is.”

They kissed once more, and he had to let her go. They separated at the gate, ,her towards her plane to Africa and him towards a bus back to DC. She would be gone for a month, plenty of time for him to plan 48 hours neither of them would soon forget.


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