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It seems far too long since we had the chance to get away, but our anniversary is here and New Orleans is beautiful any time of year. I can’t believe 10 years has come and gone since the last time we were here. Our honeymoon was quite the trip, and not just for us! The French Quarter hotels are always the best. Being able to stay in an authentic Louisiana French room and have a small balcony overlooking the street below where the city never slows down, always adds to the excitement.

My wife was stunning in her deep purple dress, past her knees… but slit well up half her legs… thigh-highs and heels (she knew I loved those). I was dressed in a black Suit, navy blue shirt, and beige tie. Walking beside her and catching her gaze… I can still get lost in those eyes of hers, dark brown and welcoming… with a hint of naughtiness… just like the day we met. She still makes every part of my body twitch. We always prided ourselves on having a great sexual energy for each other. Something we learned can only be achieved through mutual trust, openness, and willingness to push each other’s boundaries. Being here again, the views… smells… are truly exhilarating. I’m already feeling myself getting turned on in anticipation of our night, but as always I enjoy taking my time and building to the moment.

Dinner seems so long, and I know she can’t wait to get back to our room and ravage me. She has always been the aggressor, but I… I always take my time. Our honeymoon, she got her way. I gave into her need to take me and be taken by me, but this time I had plans and I hoped not to disappoint. Dinner moved on and we reminisced, again losing myself in those eyes of hers. Drifting back… back.

It was hot that night, years ago, I remembered her wearing a cheap short dress and I had on a button up shirt with the collar open and khakis. We didn’t have much, however we were young… in love… and beyond horny for each other. Like I remembered, she couldn’t wait to get me alone and tear at every inch of my body. In the hallway to our room, we were all over each other. She pushed me hard against the wall, driving her tongue into my mouth and running her hands down my chest. I pulled her close and ran my hands over her breasts, down her sides, and over her ass. She told me my hands always drove her crazy. She said I had such a gentle touch, but you can feel the strength in my hands and the want for her body that emanates from them.

While we grabbed for each other that night I was going crazy in my mind. We were rolling against the wall as we attempt to make it to the room. My hand was already between her legs and she was soaked through her panties from my touch. Her hands tore at the button on my pants and she was sliding her hands over my throbbing cock… and stroking me. She dropped her mouth to my neck and we were moaning in unison as she continued to stroke me and I furiously played with her swollen clit… sliding her wetness from her pussy to her clit… over and over. Her frustration had hit the hilt and she finally freed my cock completely, she then dropped to her knees in the hall way. She wasted no time and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, (we were still only half way down the hall to our room), her saliva dripped down my cock and she lavished each and every lick. My head was thrown back in pure ecstasy and I already could feel my knees weaken.

She began to drive her mouth down onto me and the feeling had no comparison. She had this way of swirling her tongue around my cock and twisting her head as she slid her mouth around my manhood. The feeling was without equal, as though my cock was being hit in every sensitive spot at once while being stroked from top to bottom. I was moaning and repeating “fuck baby, that’s amazing… no one makes me feel like you do… no one. Anymore and I’m going to fucking cum.” I could care less who heard me, and she felt the same as she continued to work her magic on my dick and moaned loader with each movement up and down my shaft. When I could take no more, I lifted her off her knees and spun her in the direction of our room and this time pushed her up against the wall.


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