An Unexpected Trick final episode

Kira had thought hard about doing this. She’d fantasised about it for weeks, knowing that as soon as she was game to give it a go, Alex would probably be in. She had thought the outfit out and decided on it because she knew that Alex would get off on her naughty businesswoman look. She’d planted the lube in the cupboard with the sole intent of cornering him here, and she’d spent time in the morning cleaning herself properly, making sure her hole was smooth and clean and ready to welcome him.

Alex began to work his middle finger into the entrance. Kira breathed deeper and was surprised to find that though her muscles were working, it didn’t hurt at all. Alex worked in and out, pushing his finger in a little further each time. By the time he had his whole finger in, Kira had relaxed and she found that not only did it not hurt particularly, but it felt nice. A whole new world of sensations suddenly opened up to her and she knew she’d made the right decision starting this with Alex.

“You okay Baby?” Alex was concerned, but Kira could tell from his tone that he was getting off on watching her and despite it being her order, he was enjoying the control over her pleasure.

“I’m very okay.” She replied. “I want more.” She began to move gently back and forth against Alex’s finger, fucking it with her ass, grunting with each movement.

Alex pulled his finger back, and added his pointer finger, spreading her wider. She felt more pressure but she liked it. Her pelvis was becoming more and more engorged with blood and she could feel her clit erect between her legs. Having it exposed and untouched was an incredibly arousing contrast to the fingering her ass was getting.

“I can’t wait anymore.” Alex said quietly, longingly. “I need to fuck you.”

Kira shivered with delight at his words. “Be gentle with me. Stretch me open.”

She was an incredible sight to him. This woman he respected and worshipped laid open there for him. Her bouncy tits with their dark, hard nipples dancing for him with every movement she made. He could tell she was ready and begging for it.

Alex poured another blob of the lube onto the head of his cock. He was throbbing with anticipation and he was grateful that he’d already come once, hoping it would prolong this experience so he could enjoy it. He was deflowering her and he wanted to savour it.

He held himself and pushed against her hole gently at first, then more firmly to force his way in. Kira couldn’t help but resist, but as she breathed in and out deeply, she felt herself relax into it. It ached and she moaned deeply, but the pain gave way to shivers of delight right through her pelvis. The juices from her pussy were running down her thigh and for a moment she wished she could have a vibrator up her cunt at the same time. She saved that image for another time, and concentrated on being a good little virgin for her man, showing him how much he was pleasuring her as he spread her ass wide open with his beautifully hard dick.

Alex reached forward and as he slowly and gently pumped in and out, he put his hands on her breasts and began fondling her nipples. She threw her head back in ecstasy and cried out “Oh God Alex… more!” He was only too happy to oblige fucking her ass just a little harder and faster.

She hadn’t expected to reach orgasm this way. She hoped she’d enjoy having him up there, but mostly, she’d wanted to try this to please Alex and give him something else to excite him. She was thrilled to find that she was actually loving this. She knew she’d be sore in the morning, but she could tell that this was going to add a whole new dimension to their already satisfying sex life.

Alex could tell that he’d be sore tomorrow too. Kira’s virgin muscles were like a vice around his cock… a wet, velvety vice that he couldn’t help but fuck harder and faster the more she writhed and groaned. He could tell he was hurting her a little, but that she was getting off even more and the combination of her pleasure and pain left his head swimming.

Kira felt Alex quicken, his dick even fatter inside her. Completely involuntarily, she felt herself shiver. She felt the orgasm start in her pelvis and painfully without a dick in it, her pussy began to spasm. She rocked back and forth wildly, throwing herself into it as she came, crying out with pleasure.

Alex couldn’t hold off any more. Hot waves of semen shot out inside Kira’s ass as Alex enjoyed the involuntary clenching coming from inside her. This time his release was long and it took over his whole body.

Completely exhausted, Alex leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Kira’s body. “That was incredible!” he panted. “I hope I didn’t hurt you too much, but that was really amazing. YOU are really amazing.”

Kira glowed. Not only had she surprised and satisfied the man she loved, but she had utterly enjoyed herself doing so. “I’m okay.” She reassured him. “That was pretty amazing. I can’t believe how good that felt.”

Kira felt Alex going soft inside her, and she pulled forward, standing up. Alex reached around and untied her from the column, sighing happily. He turned her around and held her, kissing her deeply and passionately. The moved together out to the living room where they slumped onto the couch in each other’s arms, cuddling and resting.

“So…” Kira said, grinning cheekily and nuzzling Alex’s cheek. “… Are you bored with married life yet?”

Alex snickered. “Not likely with you around.”


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