An Unexpected Trick 3

Kira carefully selected her outfit for the day, a tailored white shirt that she buttoned up to her bra, showing just a hint of lace. Given that her bra was black, she knew it was also vaguely visible beneath the shirt. She finished the outfit with a black, pinstriped mini skirt which finished mid-thigh. She wore no pantyhose, and she found her black patent leather stilettos and slipped them onto her feet.

Kira looked herself over in the mirror. Satisfied with the overall effect. She finished it off with light makeup, earthy lipstick and Audrey Hepburn style eyeliner which made her feel elegant, sexy and ready. She knew that though her look was still professional, she’d garner quite a lot of attention from her male colleagues, but that would just add to the fun.

She wasn’t wrong. She was the only female that worked in the head office of the mid-sized company she worked for. The only other women that worked with her were the sales reps who were generally out on the road all day. She noticed that she had more offers to get her cups of coffee than usual, and she caught a few of the guys trying even harder than usual to take a peek down her shirt. She revelled in the attention, daydreaming about the sex with Alex that morning whenever work was slow, enjoying the warm damp feeling in her panties.

Soon enough, the sun was setting and it was time to head home from work. She knew Alex would be home roughly 20 minutes before her as usual, and that he’d be sitting, watching TV when she arrived. It was time to brave the traffic, get home to her man and start phase two.


Alex was relaxing on the couch, flicking through TV channels, waiting for Kira to get home. He had a vague idea about going out for pizza with her rather than cooking. One of the luxuries of having two good incomes and no kids was that they could eat out as often as they liked.

His day had been average, comfortable, not particularly stressful. Life was good, and things were slowing down nicely at home too. He felt that they were adopting a nice routine to life now that the post wedding work was all over. Now it was just a matter of working, taking care of their home and having a ball making love to his gorgeous wife whenever he felt like it. He was content and pleased that she was as into their sex life as he was.

Hearing her car pull up on the driveway, Alex sprung up and went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. One of their nightly rituals was to have a cup of coffee together after work and talk about their day. From the kitchen he heard Kira come in the front door and put her bags down. “Hi Baby, how was your day?” he called to her.

“I missed you.” She replied in a soft and sexy tone. She turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.

Alex looked up at her and was momentarily taken aback. Normally she was beautiful and sexy, but today she’d clearly pulled out all the stops to get his attention.

Kira noticed Alex’s eyebrows raise when he looked at her. She smiled slyly at him and walked toward him with just the slightest swing to her hips. “How was your day?”

He ignored the question. “Wow! Very hot.” He said, indicating her body. She was now standing right in front of her, and he pulled her to him, kissing her hungrily. She joined in for a moment, then, remembering her purpose, she pulled back, reached around her back and took his hands from around her waist. She stepped back, still holding his hands.

“I want to try something.” She said. He nodded in reply, clearly up for whatever she had in mind. “Are you in the mood?” She figured she’d go with respectful, since what she had in mind was not particularly respectable.

He frowned momentarily. “When am I not in the mood?” he answered rhetorically.

Kira released Alex’s hands, and stepped toward him again. She reached up to the knot on his silk tie. She loved him wearing a silk tie. He looked so serious, so professional, so much like if she ripped it off, she could have amazing kinky sex with him in an office somewhere.

She worked at the knot releasing it, and she slipped it from his neck. Using the tie, she made a slip knot, and then, taking both of his hands around his back, she put it around his wrists and pulled it tight. If he’d fought, he’d have easily been able to break free, but he had no intention of fighting.

This was a new side of Kira. He’d seen flashes of it before, but this was the first time she had taken matters into her own hands in such a direct and calculated way. His heart was pounding with anticipation. He was so proud of his beautiful girl and couldn’t wait to see what dirty tricks she was about to come up with.

There was a column standing floor to ceiling between the kitchen and dining room. Kira lead Alex over to it, and tied the long end of the tie around it, so that he was in place with his back to it. She then proceeded to pull out a chair from the dining table and position it in front of him, just far away so that as she sat down on it, he could see all of her.


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