An Unexpected Trick 1

Kira had been a married woman for just 6 short months. She had met Alex on a dating site, and they were married a year to the day later. Their drive to be together seemed to be utterly inexplicable and even now, with the day to day of living together, working and building a life and home, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

They had set up a nice life for themselves so far in an apartment only 10 minutes from the city, where they both had jobs. Alex was a business analyst for an IT firm. The job was a comfortable one, and he knew it made for a good stepping stone. Kira managed a booking company for local talent. Mostly smaller acts who played in local bars and hotels, but it meant that Kira had plenty of chances at interesting evenings out. One of her favourite perks of the job was to bring Alex along to a live band and a dinner at the company’s expense.

At home, they’d finished dealing with the post-wedding wrap up. Thank-you notes had been posted, gifts were unwrapped and assimilated into their small but comfortable home, and they’d finally hung their favourite wedding portrait on the living room wall above the TV unit.

Life was finally calming down. Sex was a staple and it was usually a long and passionate experience. Kira felt lucky that Alex was such an expressive man. She had known from their first date that he was her soul mate and the feeling was definitely mutual. ‘Driven’ was a word they both would have used to describe their need for each other.

Most of the time, no one would know who initiated things. They just seemed to meld together talking and lovemaking until, in a swirl of touching, kissing and stroking, they were in bed with Alex all over Kira, telling her how beautiful she was, how in love with her he was and how he wanted her more than anything in the world. Kira responded in kind, her hands running over his back and buttocks, stroking his skin, telling him how much he turned her on, how she needed him and that she couldn’t stop thinking about him, always.

Now that life was becoming routine, Kira had started thinking. She had wrapped her world up in this man, and she knew he’d done the same with her, but she really didn’t want to have him bored. He was such a dynamic person, so bright and intelligent, that sometimes she worried that she may not be enough for him. Other times she knew that there was a lot inside of her that Alex hadn’t had time to discover yet in the mere 18 months that they’d been together, but still, she had concerns.

They had planned to put off having children for another 2 years so that they could enjoy being just a couple for a while. They had just had their honeymoon, so no major holidays were on the cards for a while. Kira wanted to come up with something new and different to pique Alex’s interest. Preferably something that wouldn’t change their lives, but something that would add another layer of fun to their beautiful start.


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