A Boss With Benefits Final Episode

Dot grasped Sharon’s fingers and stuffed them in her own pussy, “Oh baby, so hot, did he come?”

Sharon fingered her friend until they caught their breath and continued, “Oh yes, I got about three strokes in and he lost it. I was not far behind, just lay my tits down on him and humped him like crazy. Pussy was not feeling any pain, just pure pleasure. I had a wild orgasm; pushing my legs down between his and straining to spread them as I plastered my pussy down as if trying to squeeze his cock off.”

They were calm now, the excitement of Sharon’s pleasurable day with her boss now over, and just the two of them naked in a bed, their bodies still burning with the need for passion.

Strangely, it was Sharon that took the lead, moving over top of Dot until their bodies were entwined, glued together in desire to feel the other. They kissed, soft and wet, Sharon’s head moving down between Dot’s tits to the hard brown nipples. As she sucked one into her mouth, Dot groaned, “What will we do Sharon?”

Sharon looked up, her eyes hot and burning, “Everything.” She licked down Dot’s belly, slipped two fingers into her pussy as Dot lay back and spread her legs. Sharon flicked her tongue out, “Just everything.” Dot’s hips jolted upwards at the first touch of her friend’s tongue gliding along her wet slit. She spread wider.


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