A Boss With Benefits 6

He said, “Oh the course has been set and is being controlled by the GPS, we just have to watch for logs or other things in the water. If you see something, just flick this toggle switch right or left, it will come back on course after a bit.”

She moved up against him. It was if she was living a dream, unreal but perfect in every way. They were cruising a long narrow inlet with no signs of human habitation; she standing and rubbing on this beautiful man, her body was humming. It was not even noon hour and she had been laid twice. It was honeymoon stuff.

He circled her waist with an arm, pulled her tight to his hip and bent to kiss her. Their lips hovered, tongue tips engaging softly, but being careful so as to not lose themselves in sex here on the bridge. It was idyllic and Sharon felt her loins go slack, the thought of him between her legs filling her mind. He slipped his hand down inside the back of her bikini bottom and fingered the crease between her cheeks.

He pulled back a bit, smiled at her and whispered, “We better keep our eyes ahead. Do you want me to call Steve back up? I want you naked again, I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

She rubbed his fully erect cock as she melted her body against him, “Call Steve.”

It was a week later and Sharon and Dot were in bed, naked. They were sitting up with their backs against the headboard and a sheet covering legs and hips, leaving their breasts exposed. They were nicely intoxicated, both from gin and sex talk.

They made a striking pair. The small reddish blond and the black haired olive skinned woman, holding hands while sipping martinis. Dot rolled towards Sharon until one of her tits brushed Sharon’s arm as she kissed Sharon’s neck.

They had slept together in college when they had been roommates and had enjoyed the warm soft feel of each other’s bodies, had kissed a bit, but had never engaged in full sex. Now, twenty or more years later, they knew more about life and were quite relaxed in a return to that period of their lives. Sharon had recounted the events of the day on the boat with her boss, leaving no detail unspoken.

“I’m hot baby, tell me what happened next,” Dot whispered while cupping a freckled milk white tit in her hand. They kissed a woman’s kiss, slow and gentle but intense. Dot pushed the blanket down to expose their bare legs, stretched out below them. Dot’s thick black bush covered her rounded mound in vivid contrast to Sharon’s trimmed reddish orange V.

Sharon continued, “He was insatiable. I was with him about 8 hours that day and he was erect for at least seven of them. I was worn out. But his fingers were magic and his cock irresistible, just looking at it made me hot, and he kept it out all the time we were alone. We returned to the bedroom as Steve turned the boat for our return voyage, probably a two-hour run down the coast. The sun was bright and warm and he suggested we stretch out naked on the back deck sheltered from the wind.”

Dot’s fingers edged down Sharon’s belly to the V of her legs, sorted through her pussy hairs, and then slowly ventured between her legs. Sharon’s hand went down to cover Dot’s. “Oh God Dot, if you want to hear the end of my tale, you better remove those fingers.” They kissed again, a much more intense though still tender exploration of tongues and lips.

Dot pulled her fingers back out after hooking two of them inside Sharon’s pussy, “Go on babe, we have all night together.” She circled Sharon’s nipples with her damp fingertips, and then licked each pink nipple.

Sharon continued, “We lay down on a mattress in the sun on the back deck, side by side, warming ourselves. It was so peaceful with the only sounds being the hum of the motor and the seas surging around the hull. He had a big bone on again, pointing straight up at the heavens. I was a little sore and quite frankly not looking forward to another session. But his body told me that was what was coming my way. I decided that maybe a hand job might serve us both well. I rolled towards him and began stroking his cock, while kissing his chest and sucking his nipples. He groaned, ‘beautiful baby, don’t stop’.”

Dot rolled partly on top of Sharon, pushing her knee between her legs and then lifting it up to rub against Sharon’s pussy. “Ah damn,” she cried, “I want some of that, you lucky bitch.” Sharon ground her pussy against Dot’s upper thigh, their tits now tangled together as she continued in a strangled voice, “I told him that I wanted to jerk him off and watch him cum. He said, ‘go for it’.”

The women rubbed wildly together for a minute, and then giggled and lay back from each other. Dot said, “I want to see where this goes with us sweetie, but also want to hear the ending. How about we just play with each other’s pussy while you provide the final details of your hand job.”

Sharon laughed and agreed, “Let’s continue but take it slower, my plan did take a turn of sorts.” They separated a bit on their sides, their legs parted and then they reached for the other’s pussy. Sharon enjoyed the gentle exploration of Dot’s fingers, to the same degree that she loved a man’s larger and more aggressive probing approach. It was more soothing and yet equally erotic.

“I didn’t know if I could get him off with my hand only, but was prepared to go down on him if it was called for. What I did not foresee was what would happen to my own body. I became more and more excited as I felt his passion build, he arching his back up, his hand clasped around mine as if fucking my fist, along with his groans and demands for more and more. My pussy began to ache, demanding to feel that monster in me again. He was very close to coming when I suddenly mounted him, knees each side of his body and lowered my pussy down.”


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