A Boss With Benefits 5

Sharon paused and then reached for her handbag. What’s with this guy? She looked down at his groin area to see his erection bulging down along his pant-leg. His eyes followed her movements as she unhooked her bra. His mouth went dry as her beautiful pink-nippled tits bobbed before his eyes. She smiled coquettishly as she tucked each one into a halter-top. She paused, turned from him and pushed her panties down before pulling on a pair of soft tight jeans. She slowly eased the tight jeans over each cheek.

He could barely keep his hands off of her and she knew it. She moved in against him, thrusting her hip out to rub against his bulge and turned her head up for a kiss. She could not remember ever being so ready for sex in her life. Mike ran his tongue around the inside of her lips and said, “Don’t worry baby, you’re going to see enough of this big boy after we get to sea.”

She joined Captain Steve on the flying bridge and watched Mike hustle around releasing lines and checking for problems as they backed out of their mooring. He rejoined them on the bridge and they toasted each other with champagne as Steve maneuvered the big cruiser out to sea.

Mike bent and kissed her softly and whispered, “Let’s go below Sharon,” his hand guiding her back off the bridge. Sharon’s body was burning in anticipation as he fondled her cheeks; she was ready.

There was little need for foreplay. They stripped quickly and their bodies clapped together as if attracted by magnets. Mike grasped her ass cheeks, squeezing and spreading them. “You have the most delectable ass I have ever seen,” he groaned. “It was the second item that I noticed on you.”

Sharon had taken his stiff cock in hand, pressing the shaft against the inside of her forearm as her fingers worked down the shaft to caress his balls. She moaned, “What was the first thing?”

He surprised her with, “Your eyes and lips.”

Oh God, how sweet she thought, almost crying. His hand went to her breast, caressing it and squeezing a nipple.

“And your tits,” he moaned seriously.

Sharon pushed the long shaft of his cock between her legs, sliding her already slippery slit along the top of it. She could feel it throb between her legs. Sharon whispered in his ear, “That’s going to be a challenge but I want that big thing in me. We can play later; I want you now.” She would not tolerate more delays.

He followed her onto the bed, moving on his knees between her spread legs as she settled her head on the pillow. He caressed her slit with two fingers before hooking them under her pretty reddish bush. Her chest was heaving and her tits jiggling as she reached down to guide his knob back along her slit.

Mike’s body was so taught it was singing like a violin. He had pictured this day for months. He enjoyed the feel of her hand on his shaft, the velvet wetness of her pussy lips on his knob and her hard nipples against his chest as he lowered his body down on her. Her hard clit teased his knob as she rubbed and pushed her body up at him. She was tight, and he allowed her to work his cock inside of her at her own speed.

Sharon was in another world as she gradually forced her pussy around his cock, feeling it pop into her as her lips closed behind the knob. Anxious as they both were, the full entry took some minutes, with Sharon pulling more of his shaft into her pussy, and then Mike fucking her with whatever length was in her. The procedure was repeated several times. She was afraid that she would get off before she had it all.


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