A Boss With Benefits 4

Sharon was a married woman who accepted a position working in the office of Mike a wealthy businessman. She did this despite his declaration during the offer of employment, that at some point he would try to seduce her. She enjoys the work situation and soon becomes erotically interested in her boss as well. They tease each other over the course of several months before Sharon accepts an invitation to join him for a day alone and away from work.

Mike was at the marina early next morning. He was part owner of a large motor yacht, an investment he shared with five other entrepreneurs. He and his partners in the yacht used it to entertain clients and government officials. It was a full time business as they also rented it for private parties. They had engaged the services of a Captain who also acted as Manager of the small corporation. It was not a money making investment but it did provide them prestige and a lot of pleasure.

Mike occasionally entertained ladies on board, the elegance being much more conducive to seduction than a motel. It was a beautiful morning and he was assisting Steve, the Captain, in preparing the boat for a daylong cruise with Sharon.

Mike was a realist. He did not actively seek out women for sex. But he had worked in enough offices to recognize that a relationship between office workers could easily evolve into an intimate encounter. One can spend more of their waking hours with an assistant at the office than with their mates at home. Conditions are ripe for personal involvement.

Mike’s current situation, working from his home in basically a two-person operation, could magnify the pressure and opportunity if the two were compatible. Mike ensured the latter by his hiring procedure. And then he basically allowed nature to take its course, placing the burden on his new associate to initiate the sex. Sharon had done that in spades. Despite informing her at the outset of his most likely attempt to fuck her, he had made no further move until she had become the aggressor.

Sharon was disappointed when she arrived at the office to find that Mike was not around. The phone rang within minutes, it was Mike, “Morning Sharon, are you ready for a picnic?”

Cautious at first, Sharon countered, “A man of mystery, I like that. Whatever is the plan?” She wondered what sort of game he was playing. Her mind had been on sex all night long but getting laid on a blanket in a park had not been one of the fantasies!

Mike said, “There will be a cab there to pick you up in ten minutes. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Despite not having any idea where ‘here’ was, Sharon managed, “Mike, you have my attention, I can hardly wait.”

Mike met her at the Marina gate and paid the cabby. She looked gorgeous, with her beautiful small voluptuous body, excited eyes and sweet lips. He grabbed her handbag and guided her to the boat. His eyes were glued on her jiggling cheeks as they climbed aboard.

Steve was at the other end of the gangplank, extending his hand with a smile. Sharon cringed a bit; did he know what she and Mike had planned? She suddenly felt like a lady of the night! However, that feeling passed quickly and only thoughts of Mike between her legs remained.

Mike guided her down the stairs to a large bedroom with sliding glass doors opening to a back deck equipped with deck chairs and a large bubbling hot tub. They kissed with intense passion, an automatic continuation of yesterday’s encounter. Mike stripped Sharon down to bra and panties.

But as Sharon prepared to lie down on the bed, Mike smiled; “Not yet baby, change first and we’ll go up top. I have to help Steve cast off and leave the harbor.”


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