A Boss With Benefits 3

On the issue at hand however, she had been quite blunt. “The job is ideal for you, the guy will be trying to get in your panties whether he had made the statement or not. The only difference being he announced it ahead of time. Take the job, screw him if you want to or blow him off. Only thing, keep me posted with full details!” They both laughed and Sharon felt much better, although it had only been a confirmation of her own decision.

And so Sharon had accepted the job. The work was exciting and satisfying, her commute time each day was reduced by close to 3 hours, she could go home for lunch some days and could even stay home occasionally when Mike travelled. Life was good.

Mike did not make any advances although he certainly let her know that she was good to look at. Sharon was used to that and enjoyed it. Very few men had ever not paid attention. She was a strawberry blond with freckled milk white skin. She was a tiny version of a voluptuous woman. She was perky and outgoing but in many ways ‘old fashioned’ in manner and appearance.

She grew to like Mike and was probably having more fantasies about him than he was of her. He was a very busy and in demand consultant. He was athletic in appearance, elegantly casual in dress and his forearms made her loins ache when he wore short-sleeved shirts. Mike probably didn’t know it, but he could have followed through on his threat within the first month.

Sharon was relating all of this to Dot. One night on the phone Dot enquired, “You sound as if you might be ready to bed him babe.”

Sharon giggled, “Dot, you’re such a bitch. How can you say that? I’m just reporting what happens each day and being honest in my feelings. I haven’t made a move and he has certainly not followed through with his. I’m not sure if I am ready, but at least I won’t quit if he does offer up.”

Dot replied, “Oh you’re ready babe. He makes a move and you’ll be on your knees unzipping him.”

Sharon, trying to sound shocked replied, “Oh god Dot, you think I would blow him first time? Whatever do you think of me? But I can tell you that he would be a mouthful.”

Dot came back, “How the hell do you know that? Do you mean he has taken it out and showed you? Or does he walk around hunched over to hide it. How do you know he is big? Sharon you startle even me sometimes.”

Sharon whispered into the phone, “I did see it. I told you that he jogs daily. He has a bathroom off of his office and he changes from clothes to sweats and back again after a shower. The other day after returning from his jog he told me to interrupt him if a certain call came through. It did but he did not respond when I buzzed him on the intercom. I went into his office just as he came out of the shower room. He was wearing an untied robe, toweling his hair and he seemed shocked to see me there. I told him about the phone call, while my eyes fastened on his cock, dangling there half way to his knees.”

Dot shouted, “No way! You’re lying to me.”

Sharon laughed, “All true, he’s hung like a stallion, as big as most porn stars you will see. It was quite beautiful.”

Dot continued, “You’re done now baby. All he has to do now is wave it at you and you will be all over it.”

“Oh no,” Sharon laughed, “I must have turned fifty shades of red and raced out of the office. He did come out later and apologize, I think that he was as embarrassed as I had been.”

Dot said, “It’s coming baby, you better be wearing clean undies from now on, he’s going to have them off you any time he wants. I can tell that you’re ready for it. Admit it.”

Sharon paused and then said simply, “Yes, I’m ready.”

Dot said softly, “You’re making me horny. What are you doing now? Are you feeling yourself? I am, my nipples are hard, my pussy’s wet. Don’t be upset but I wish I was in bed with you now.”

Sharon replied, “Me too babe. I’m rubbing my pussy, god can’t think of anything now but that damn cock. And I would be on my knees if he pulled it out. I do wish you were here with me right now. It’s been a while since we have played with each other.”

Dot responded with shaking voice, “I often think of those nights in our dorm. We had no idea what we were doing, except having fun. Tell you what, when you do finally give in and shag this guy, spend a night with me and tell me all about it. In bed.” Dot was breathing heavily as they whispered good night to each other.

Sharon felt vindicated and emboldened by gaining Dot’s approval. She planned to become more aggressive with Mike in dress and interaction. She had no idea what would happen but felt alive and excited as a variety of erotic fantasies coursed through her mind.

Life at work continued as before but now Sharon dressed more provocatively in soft clothes and undergarments. She had always looked sexy when her body was not constrained by tight apparel. She deliberately used body movements to flaunt and tease when Mike was near; profile views of her tits, legs spread at the copy machine, running her hand over her hip, leaning ahead to accentuate her cleavage, a woman’s entire repertoire, all of which comes naturally. The situation was becoming explosive and it would take very little to ignite. Mike noticed and made no attempt to hide his growing interest.

One night on the phone, Dot asked her, “Well sweetie, anything new in your erotic life at work? Still teasing each other? God babe, go for it, he sounds delicious. You never have given me much of a description of him aside from his impressive weapon.”

“He is just under 6 feet, probably 175 pounds, athletic looking with long sinewy muscles, dark hair with piercing light blue eyes and a delightful smile. His hands and forearms are to die for. My nights are full of dreams of them holding me. And yes, things are happening. And in fact I do believe that the mutual attraction will bear fruit tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” Dot exploded, “what do you do? Plan these things in advance and set a date to fuck?”

Sharon paused to allow Dot’s faked rage to subside a little and then, “It actually began today although the schedule did not permit an ending,” Sharon giggled, “everything’s scheduled with this guy.

I was very horny this morning, things have been building for weeks and I am tired of the tease game. I brought him a report to sign. He was sitting behind his desk, so instead of just dropping the report in front of him, I circled behind him and leaned over his shoulder.”

Ah,” Dot said sotto voce, “the old secretary over the shoulder gambit. Good move.”

Sharon continued, “Well, the signature pages did require a little direction my dear. I rested my hand on his shoulder and allowed my breast to brush the side of his head. I was wearing a low cut blouse with a half bra, my nipples were almost showing.”

“Ah, what a bitch you are. You’re making me horny again.”

“He’s a cool character, and seemed not to notice my touches and signed all four pages with a flourish before turning to smile up at me,” Sharon continued.

“He moved his hand behind my back and fondled one of my cheeks. I almost passed out. He was calm and deliberate, and caressed the other cheek before pressing his fingertips between my cheeks to rub the crease. His eyes never wavered as he slipped his hand down under the hem of my skirt and up between my inner thighs. I bent down to kiss him as I spread my legs; I wanted to feel his fingers in my panties. My heart was pounding like a trip-hammer.”

Dot intervened, “God Sharon, what was the kiss like. I’m sitting here trying to imagine it happening to me. Love to kiss when a man first touches my pussy. Tell me, what was it like.”

“Does the word perfect mean something to you?” Sharon groaned, “His lips were soft and parted, and he timed his tongue to enter my mouth just as his finger tips pushed my panties to one side and touched my bare pussy. It was like an electric shock. I was sure he would take me right there beside his desk. My fingers toyed with his ear and neck, his fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy, he nuzzled and kissed between my tits. I could see his cock stretching down his leg inside of his pants.”

Dot groaned, “All that and you put off fucking until tomorrow? You’re both insane. You have to do it when it’s burning hot like that.”

“Well, it wasn’t my call apparently,” Sharon continued, “in fact I stupidly asked him if this was his move. He pulled back a bit and fastened his eyes on mine, and said ‘No Sharon, you know I have a meeting in half an hour downtown. Business today, but tomorrow we can spend the day together. Wear casual clothes or bring them in a bag to the office first thing in the morning, and a bikini if you have one’. He was very business like as if instructing me to do a report or something.”

“My God baby,” cried Dot, “what did you say or do?”

“Well, my immediate thought was that I was not going to get laid right then. But he was still fingering my pussy, and continued to kiss me. His cock was throbbing under his pant leg so I knew that he was still thinking about fucking me. I guess I thought that I still had a fair chance at him right then, so I reached down to tug at his belt thinking ‘if I can just get his cock out’. He stopped and pulled my hand away, and said ‘I’ll have no chance if you get your hands on that’. But he was smiling.”

Dot said, “Damn, talk about a man of steel. Cannot imagine a man not following through right then and there. ‘Blow job’, must have sprung to your mind. I would imagine that your thoughts must be about what is in store for you tomorrow. Maybe you should call his bluff and not go in to work!”

“No, no, a thousand times no,” Sharon exclaimed, “I would never forgive myself if I miss out on whatever he plans for tomorrow. I’ll be there in all my silken underwear.”

Dot signed off with, “Ah babe, leave me alone with my dildo for now. Why not come over and stay the night with me one night soon. Would love to see your eyes as you recount being mounted by a stallion.”

“Sounds like fun,” Sharon giggled, “If I can get my daughter to stay home for a night I’ll do just that.”


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