A Boss With Benefits 2

It was not as if she would be terribly upset if he did attempt to seduce her. She was almost starving for sex. She had in fact sought and submitted to an erotic encounter with one of her bosses on her last job.

It had happened during the period after she had come to terms with her husband’s problems and accepted that he probably would never fully recover. She began to entertain sexual thoughts and fantasies once more, searched the Personal pages of her newspaper and finally entered the world of Internet sex, enjoying numerous online affairs. She had never followed through to meet any of those contacts, despite some extremely erotic exchanges.

But then Sharon had run into one of those instant karma things with one of the partners at work. They hit it off almost immediately. Touching, lingering brushes in the hallway, suggestive comments, and coffee at the exact same time each day, all contributed to a burning desire for more. One day he asked her to come into work on a Saturday morning to complete an important report.

It was a warm sunny day and she had dressed in a short skirt, sheer blouse and lace-trimmed bra. She knew she looked hot. He struggled to find the words to explain what work was required as she stood close to him at the drafting table. She planted her breast against his arm and left it there. He stopped talking and kissed her.

The rest was a blur, she pressed up against the wall, her tits out and her nipples being sucked, panties on the floor and his hot fingers exploring her pussy. They mutually set time limits on how far they would go and then ignored them. She had pulled his cock out of his shorts and moved it to her swollen slit. He hooked one of her legs up in his arm and entered her, screwed her in standing position before seeking a more comfortable location. An office with no couch did not present good options so he dragged her to an armless chair where she sat down facing him on his lap as his long shaft buried completely in her.

She enjoyed a long extended orgasm as she rode him in the chair. It was her first sex in over three years. But that had been it, two people carrying out a longstanding fantasy when presented an opportunity.

This situation was different in that she had not developed any of the same type of intimacy with Mike. He was a great looking guy, obviously quite wealthy, and with the exception of the one crude statement appeared to be otherwise gentle and gracious. She rationalized that he had been honest and had deliberately used the crude approach to shock her and get her attention. Had he used the term “make love to you”, or some similar euphemism, it would have seemed phony; they weren’t in love. It would be sex only and ‘fucking’ was the perfect word, if indeed any word was called for.

Should she tell her husband about the condition? Why do that? It would probably cause him even more worries than he already had. He had never been happy about her returning to the work force. She decided however to reveal her concerns to her closest friend Dot.

She and Dot’s relationship went back to their high school years. They had roomed together and catted about during college. Dot was recently divorced and had returned to the dating world. About which she said, “not always a good time, some guys just don’t cut it, but the odd guy gets lucky every month or so.” Dot did not have a filter between her thoughts and her mouth, but this was a good thing from Sharon’s viewpoint, she wanted honest comments.

They met for lunch one day and Sharon spilled out the entire issue including an admission to screwing her last boss. Dot’s only comment on that was, “damn, sounds exciting, screwing in an office chair is still on my bucket list.”


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