Two Ways To Live 2

Her agile arms were now shown, and she danced and spun to the background beat. Alex responded with some mildly suggestive flowing of her own- she certainly knew her stuff. I was losing myself in her motions when I heard the sound of a zipper opening.

Metal slid down on Nicka’s chest, exposing some goodness. The increasingly meaningless vest now let me see the top of her breasts, her black bra, and her stomach. She removed the open vest, her fingers travelling on her chest, taking away unnecessary fabric. It fell to the floor at her feet and she stepped out of the circle she was in, taking two high-heeled steps towards me, leaning forward and hovering. Her breasts seemed just the palmable size for me.


“All is fair in a friendly competition”

I could hear Alex shifting mental gears. Something won inside of her and she made a choice. Without a word, she gently raised her hands, and they gently took her shirt with them upwards. Her slowly viewable rack was more impressive than Nic’s and threatened to spill out of her poor bra at any moment. Her sculpted figure was now mine for the gazing.

“That a girl, Alex” Nicka said as she turned in her direction. That allowed me to see her fabulous ass through her short skirt. She noticed where my eyes went and said, still looking at her friend:

“You like? You know, it’s okay to touch”

That triggered an immidiate response in me. Blood was going down, fast. I remembered what she once said to me about undaring men, and decided to go for it. See how far she’s willing to take this little game. I rose from the couch, and saw Alex unbuttoning her jeans. I went to grab Nicka’s ass anyway, my eyes fixed on Alex’s lower half.

I placed my hands on Nic’s cheeks, applying some pressure, then some squeeze. The hunger grew in me. I stopped touching the girl- I saw Alex wearing only her lingerie. A sight for sore eyes, but the sort that causes a gentle pain in other parts. Her finely toned body, evolution’s pride, was only four feet away. She stood motionless, bare to be exmained, but I could feel she enjoyed my obvious attention.

Something soft and welcome was pressed to my groin as Nicka started rubbing her backside against me rythmically.

“Want to take my skirt off?” she whispered.

“That’s enough.” Said Alex, unsure what to do.

“You quitting?” asked casually the other.

“No way.” She gathered herself and said: “I think we should take turns. Sit back, Nicky. I’ll go first.” There was a change in her, or better yet, something I didn’t see before was unmasked. Nicka obeyed and and left for the sofa, intrigued.

Alex started by arching her back and unclasping her bra. I could now see small nipples on fleshy, juicy mounds. Tempting, teasing hills of joy.

“Take your clothes off. I’m not going to do it for you”

I did, to the excited whistles of Nicka. She stopped when Alex bent over and her tits touched my dick. She then rubbed them against my whole body, up and down again. I raised a hand to touch that gorgeous creature, but she stopped me. I was hers to play with.

After several journies on my body, my tormentor took a step back and her underwear off. She was now completely naked. Bare and perfect. At my reach. I gazed at her trimmed womanhood, watched that red opening and wished silently.

“Eat.” She ordered.

I kneeled before my goddess, a fearful worshipper. I ran my hands once down her so smooth body, slid my fingers on that woman. Then, I closed in.

My tounge touched the bottom of her hidden place, tip to tip. I raised it slowly, not violating too much. I licked her again, drew lines on the sides of her openings. Reached up. The pace was increasing. I forced her close to my face and breathed in sweet smells of ecstasy. My ministrations made her weak in the knees, and I closed my arms around her, hugging her hard so she could still stand. She moaned. Her volume increased. I gave her more and more every time around, driving pleasure into her brain. Her breath beacme hectic, the time was coming. I touched her sweet spot one last time, and she screamed much-waited release.


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