Payback Time 3

I think I have a pretty good idea what to make of it.” Jim said quietly, the pictures hidden down in his workroom very much on her mind.

“But she managed to worm her way out of whatever her problem was back then.” Marcy concluded.

“Sis,” Jim asked his sister. “What would you say if I told you I knew a way to get even with Miss Ferguson. A way to pay her back for every nasty little thing she’s ever done to anyone.”

Marcy considered the question for a minute. She was well aware of some of the stunts her little brother had pulled over the years. A few he had gotten caught at, but even more he had gotten away with. He’d always been a pretty imaginative kid. So if he said he had a way to get even with Miss Ferguson, she had to believe he did.

“I don’t think I want to hear this,” she finally answered. “But if you really have a way to get back at that bitch, then I say go for it.”

Jim’s face lit up with his sister’s encouragement. His older sibling took note of a mischievous gleam now in his eyes. It was a sparkle she had seen there before. She almost felt a little sorry for Miss Ferguson. The key word in that thought was almost.

Right after dinner, Jim retreated to his basement workshop. Spread out on his desk where the pictures of Miss Ferguson and Coach Kelly. Sitting back in the old recliner, the young man toyed with a bright red floppy disk from his computer. On the disk was a web page containing copies of the pictures on his desk.

He had been debating with himself for the better part of the last hour if putting the web page up on the Internet would be enough of a revenge. To make sure that every teacher and student saw the page, he had also added to the disk the high school’s master email list. He planned to send the URL to everyone on the list after he put it up. Jim figured that it wouldn’t take half as long as the story of what happened to him in English class for everyone to know about the web page. Oh he was sure that eventually the school would take steps to have the page removed. But by that time anyone who was interested would’ve copied the pictures. He could just see copies of them turning up all over the school.

The best part of it all was that they would never know who had done it. When they traced back the email address used to open the account on the free web page provider, they’d find that it belonged to Michelle Ferguson. It had been kid stuff to get into the school files and find out her password.

Still, the whole plan lacked the feeling of satisfaction he expected it to have. Jim just couldn’t put his finger on it. He’d been careful to crop the pictures he was going to put online so that only Michelle was identifiable. It wasn’t so much that he wanted to protect Coach Kelly. After all, he was a more than willing participant. Rather it was because he had liked Mrs. Kelly when he’d taken her class and had no desire to cause her any embarrassment if he could avoid it. Finally deciding to sleep on it all, Jim stuffed the red disk into his knapsack and headed up to bed.

Jim woke early the next morning before even his alarm clock had gone off. He was too excited to stay in bed any longer. In the middle of the night he’d had a dream, a dream that had told him what was wrong with his plan of revenge.

It was so obvious that he was surprised it hadn’t occurred to him before. His plan was too impersonal, too detached. Jim wanted to see the look on Michelle Ferguson’s face when it all came back to haunt her. He wanted to watch her world crumble.

Quickly dressing, Jim raced down to the basement. He pulled out the hidden folder with the 8x10s and selected the best shot of Michelle licking the tip of the Coach’s cock. Stuffing the photograph into an large envelope, he printed Attention: Miss Ferguson – Urgent! in large block letters on the front. The envelope then joined the disk in his bag.


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