Our First Encounter 2

“Of coarse for you.” I answer as I flash him a boob to show him a nipple ring very quickly.

“Mmmm – anything else you want to show me?” he asks with that big old Kool-Aid smile.

I take his hand and guide it to my moist pussy so he can feel the clit holder- the silver one with red beads, my favorite. Just the touch of his hand there sends me reeling, wanting more. We are walking outside now to the parking lot and to my pickup. We walk around to the back of my truck and he puts his bag in. I move in between him and the tailgate so that my breasts are rubbing on his chest. It’s a little chilly out and my nipples are very hard. As he looks down at me I know he can see down into my blouse. I take off his tie. I unbutton some of his shirt buttons. And slowly run my hands down his chest, his bell and finally to rest where I’ve been so afraid to touch. Mmmm – his cock is already hard and large, as I had expected.

He reaches behind me and puts the tailgate of my truck down. He then lifts me up and sits me on the edge. He spreads my legs and takes a step forward so he’s standing between them pressing his groin into me. He grabs the back of my hair and pull my head back so he has full access to my neck. He knows what I like. He bites and sucks on my neck. I’m getting wetter and hotter by the second. “We’ve waited to long for this.” He says to me.

“Yes.” I agree with him.

I reach between us and unbuckle his belt, and then I unbutton his pants and slowly unzip them as he is supporting my back and kissing his way down to my breasts. I reach in and pull out his large black cock. (He doesn’t wear underwear either – I like that.) I start to stroke it with my hand, up and down. It’s so hard and long. Longer than what I’m used to. “You’ll have to be gentle with me.” I tell him.

“I don’t know baby, you’ve been asking for this for quite a while.” He says wickedly. I give him a look of panic. “Don’t worry baby, everything will be fine.” He tells me. That comforts me. I guide his cock to my waiting wet pussy. I slowly let it rub on my clit and then down to my wet opening. As I look down I notice the contrast between his dark skin and my milky white skin. Mmmm – I love the look.

“Mmmm.” He moans as he slides into me. Stretching me. I can feel his large head, the contours moving inside me deeper and deeper. I feel like he’s in as far as he’ll go, but he keeps pushing. Stretching me wider and further. I let out a deep moan. I reach my arms around his shoulders to position myself on him better. He lifts me up and is supporting me on his hips, looking me in the eyes as my eyes go wide and it seems as though he’s filling me up to my chest. I can feel him deeper inside me than I’ve ever felt before.

He sits me back down on the tailgate and starts to move in and out of me. Pumping very slowly at first. Very gently trying not to hurt me.

Some people come into the parking garage and walk right by us. Whether they didn’t notice what we were doing or chose to ignore us I’m not sure. But they kept walking and we kept fucking.

Suddenly he stops and pulls out of me. “Turn around.” He demands. I obey. I stand on the ground and lean over the tailgate. He then places his cock back into my opening and with one fast thrust shoves it in as far as it will go. I let out a loud scream of pleasure. He fills me so much. He starts to pump harder and faster. He’s a bit taller than me and I’m having a hard time keeping my feet on the ground. He’s slamming me so hard that my whole truck is rocking forward and back with our rhythm.

Without warning I explode. A gush of my juices runs down my legs. He cums at the same time as me. I feel his burning hot load erupt into my pussy as he lets out a deep guttural moan.

He helps me back to the ground and I fix my skirt and blouse a he does the same with his trousers. He smiles and points over to another car. “See what you started?”

I look over and the couple that walked by us earlier is fucking in their car. She’s moaning quite loudly as I’m sure she’s on the edge of ecstasy by the sounds. We smile at each other and get into my truck.

I start to drive him to the hotel where I have already gotten a room for us. As I’m driving he puts one hand on the back of my neck and the other is rubbing up and down my thigh. I can tell he’s already ready for round 2. His fingers brush my ear (which is a very sensitive spot for me) Chills run down my spine. He leans over and whisper in my ear, His hot breath so distracting that I don’t even know what he has said and it doesn’t matter because now he is nibbling on my ear. Sending continuous chills throughout my body. His hand is riding higher up my thigh. It is getting very hard to drive. I try to hurry to the hotel.

It’s to late. He’s got his fingers in my pussy and playing with my clit. I have to pull over. “You should stop so we can get to the room.” I plead

“Can’t. You are to tempting.” Is his reply in a deep soft breathy whisper.

He reaches across me and lays my seat back. “I want to taste that sweet pussy of your that I have been smelling for the past three months on those panties you sent me.” He lifts my skirt and starts to kiss my thighs. Slowly working his way up to my dripping wet, hot mound. I’m already so sensitive that just his breath is sending me spiraling down to the depths of delight. I can barely control myself. I’m moaning and making noises that are beyond my control. I’m squirming under his touch. His tongue so stiff rubbing my clit, his fingers bent upward tickling my g-spot. Then he reaches to my ass and gently presses a finger to my rectum. That is the final push; he doesn’t even penetrate my rectum but sends over the edge with rapture. As I again cum for him in a gush, uncontrollable tears stream down my cheeks. He comes up to my face and kisses my tears away. “Would you like me to drive?” he asks.

“Maybe you’d better.” I answer still trembling from the orgasm. I straighten the seat and lift up to climb over him. As I straddle him, he grabs my hips and pulls me down onto him. I can feel his very hard cock through his trousers. He smiles and then lets go to climb into the drivers seat. He heads in the direction I tell him the hotel is in.

I smile now. As I reach my hand over to his thigh and start to rub him. I lean over kissing his neck. I unbutton his shirt and begin to kiss down his chest. “You should stop so we can get to the hotel.” He says with a huge grin.


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