Our Special Night

Taking my hand in yours, you led me to the bedroom. A soft glow from candles illuminated the room. A subtle scent of lavender hung in the air. Turning to face me, you cupped my face in your hands and pressed your lips against mine, making me melt at the sensation. You slid your hands down my shoulders and arms, slipping them beneath my shirt. Your touch was electrifying, so full of desire. Your fingers danced over my flesh making my body come alive.

Lifting my shirt over my head, you stared longingly at me, your eyes following every voluptuous curve. Feeling extremely vulnerable and and self-conscious, I stared at the floor. I fought the urge to cover myself, my cheeks flaming as my shyness and insecurities broke through. Hooking a finger under my chin, you lifted my head forcing my gaze back to you. Your eyes were so intense, holding a spark of pure unbridled passion. “My God,” you whispered, drawing your lips closer to mine. “You’re so beautiful.”

My breath hitched and a tiny whimper came from deep within me as you covered my mouth with yours, kissing me deeply, thoroughly, leaving me breathless. Slipping my fingers to the waistband of your pants, I worked them down, releasing your hardness. You let out a moan as I wrapped a delicate hand around you, gently stroking up and down.

Kneeling down, my eyes never leaving yours, I parted my lips, inviting you into my waiting mouth. Closing your eyes, you inhaled sharply at the first touch of my tongue. I felt you throb in my mouth, pulsing with desire as I slowly sucked more and more of you in. your fingers entangled in my hair, you gently guided me back and forth, thrusting your hips to match my movements.

Your breathing became shaky… heavy. Low guttural moans escaped from deep within your belly. I pulled away, quickly stopping your climax from bursting through. Growling through clenched teeth, you pulled me to my feet, kissing me hard, your tongue darting in and out of my mouth causing a blazing heat to radiate from my core.

Gently pushing me down onto the bed, you made quick work of my pants, pulling them down my legs and tossing them to the floor. Your eyes slowly traveled up my my legs ending at the glistening tuft of curls at the apex of my thighs. Reaching down, I slipped two fingers into my wetness before letting you lick and suck my juices off of them. Looking at me with pleading eyes, I spread my legs wide for you, granting you access to your favorite spot.

Sharp gasps and loud moans filled the room as you delved between my folds, licking, sucking, devouring me. Your tongue stroked me mercilessly… fast then slow, hard then soft. You took me to the edge of oblivion before forcing me back to reality by lifting your head. I squirmed and groaned my disappointment and frustration, but you quickly quieted my protests by sucking an engorged nipple into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it, gently nipping it.

After showing the same attention to the other, you kissed me hungrily, teasing me by rubbing your cock, so hot and hard, up and down my moist slit. Rocking my hips, I urged you to enter me and finally, after another long moment of torture, you gave me what I’d been craving.

Pinning my wrists above my head, you took long, slow, deep thrusts. Your eyes glazed over, lids half closed as you savored every incredible sensation making love to me created in you. Leaning down, you rested your cheek next to mine, your stubble pricking my flesh. Your moans weren’t more than a whisper in my ear. Releasing my arms, you began thrusting into me harder… deeper.

“Fuck me, baby.” I whispered softly in your ear and with a low growl, you assaulted my hungry sex with your marvelous cock. You raised yourself up enough for me to slip a hand between us, giving me access to my throbbing clit. My rubbing combined with your pounding drove me over the edge and I exploded with a massive orgasm. My slick velvety walls contracting around you, gripping you tightly was enough to send you crashing into a wall of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

Sweat covering our bodies, we lay next to each other, our arms and legs entwined, immersed in a euphoric fog until we drifted to sleep. As the darkness enveloped me, the last thought that entered my mind was how much I love you.


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