The Eager Student 1

We might not have been all alone in the classroom, but the tension between us made everyone else disappear. His looks were so hard to ignore that every time I turned my head around I felt like hot knives stabbed me in the back. I could no longer hide it. I thought everyone could notice how I innocently looked at the bulge in his pants whenever he demonstrated an exercise. How I lied on the warm, wooden floor with my breasts pressing against the boards and my breath slowly increasing to match the beat of his heart. How he would lie next to me and look at me like he was only resting there between endless encounters of our bodies until he was ready to climb on top of me again.

It was simple. One, two, three and four. Breathe out, breath in. But in all its simplicity, the slow movement made it even harder for me to concentrate as I felt the air leave my body in a manner so erotic it made me shiver. And then as I felt my body filling up again as my lips parted in a cry for oxygen. What I had to do was dance to the music and empty my mind of any sexual thoughts while my pelvis moved back and forth on the floor, against the hard wood which was suddenly feeling hotter and hotter to me.

His footsteps became louder and he was behind me lowering his body to find mine on the ground. His face showed up next to me, but I was to keep my head straight forward in an attempt to be a good student.

I then felt his hand reaching and touching my chest and pushing it back as he whispered, “Exhale deeper…”

The class was finally over and I was now heading to the changing room, when I remembered about my sweater on the piano. I went back for it only to realize I was accidentally left alone in the room with him.

“Good job today,” he said.

“Thanks. I still cannot find the right position of my head.”

“Don’t worry, you ‘re only 19. This took me years, too. You will slowly learn your body and feel it when you’re doing it right.”

“I guess so.”


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