Arrival Before Time

I arrived at her doorstep earlier than expected. On the walkway up to the house, I was met by a cool breeze of salty sea air from the Pacific Ocean mixed with the smell of smoke from barbecued chicken cooking somewhere in the back of the house. My mouth may have been watering for some of that tasty meat on the spit, but I was hungry for something else. When she appeared at the door, she smiled and her eyes widened while she shook with an all too familiar shudder. As she reached out to greet me, I saw goose bumps on her arms and was pretty sure it wasn’t from the breeze.

I said nothing, but stared into her shining eyes as her smile wavered between half way past joy to all the way beyond animal craving for flesh. You know that kind look that says I’ve just soaked my panties because of you. I walked in, dropped my bag in the hall, and kicked the door shut behind me.

In one step, she was in my arms and my mouth met hers for the first time. I felt her breasts against my chest. My hands slid down her back and I squeezed her sweet ass. I pulled off her white cotton blouse and when a button caught I ripped it off. Her skirt was pulled down followed by silk panties to her ankles, and I said not one word. She was naked before me…looking at me eye to eye.

I dropped her to the floor and unzipped my pants. No rituals, no foreplay, just animal lust. She was a little dry when I thrust inside of her and it may have hurt. I didn’t say sorry. I could not control my appetite. She opened her eyes and we stared at each other while I used her.

It was the most conventional of positions, me on top of her with her legs spread. I didn’t ask if it felt good, if she was comfortable, or wanted to change positions. I wasn’t there to ask permission or perform foreplay. She was mine. She didn’t fake her moaning or feign orgasm. She held my gaze with her beautiful glimmering eyes looking deep into my soul. She had me.

I felt her wet juicy pussy grabbing and holding my cock. I grabbed her hair hard, as I came close to my quickening. I felt and heard her ragged breath while biting her neck, lower lip, and nipples. There were no preliminaries, no wining and dining, no caresses, no dirty talk or sophisticated sex toys, just me deep inside of her. I never asked her if she was enjoying it…I never gave it any thought…I was man as nature had intended.

As my pace quickened and was looking into her shimmering eyes, I found myself outside of my very being. We were in another universe and I possessed Her – the Goddess! She was the Lady, the Great Mother, and the Sacred Whore. We were in the most sacred pose created at the early dawn of human conception.

I felt her nails ripping my back slicing through thick skin. I thrust harder. She screamed and moaned. Her hips and pelvis rising each time I slammed into her.

I didn’t moan, grit my teeth, I yelled at the top of my lungs as I exploded and thrust my seed inside of her. I did just as the first man had done while fucking the very first woman so long ago. Finally, I collapsed on top of her body as she received my essence…holding and gripping each other. I could feel her back arch and her wet juicy pussy ripple as she planted my seed deep into her womb. She bit her lip and closed her sweet eyes unconscious to the universe. She worshiping my cock, my body, my seed. She stroked my hair and smiled up at me. My heart pounding against hers as I rolled over onto my side. My body still clothed except for my soaking wet cock protruding from my unzipped pants.

She said “Good evening Jack”.

I looked over at her and said “Hi lil miss” and smiled.


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