Awkward Fantasy 1

I curled up on the small settee and tried to focus on the television. I wasn’t sure what was more uncomfortable, the lumpy, doll-sized sofa underneath me, or trying to pretend that I couldn’t hear Kevin and Amanda trying to pretend they weren’t having sex on his nearby bed. I tossed and turned (as much as I could), but couldn’t relax. It was brutal.

Walking home wasn’t going to happen, not at 2 in the morning, even if Kevin’s house wasn’t 10 miles or more away from mine. Besides, Amanda and I had each told the other’s parents that we were spending the night at each other’s house; I couldn’t exactly show up alone—that would be a direct violation of the BFF code. Other than waiting the night out where I was, my only other option was to seek out Kevin’s brother, Sean, and hope he was still awake.

I slinked out of the room and eased the door shut behind me, praying that parental units wouldn’t suddenly appear while I let my eyes adjust to the dark. I’d been to their house a few times, but this was the first time I’d ever been in the basement where Kevin and Sean’s bedrooms were.

It was silly, really. We were all adults, if just barely. Sean was a year older than Amanda and I, who had just graduated high school, and Kevin a year older than Sean. Still, there were certain rules Sean and Kevin’s parents expected them to meet in order to live at home rent-free while they went to the local college, and not having girls spend the night happened to be one of them.


There wasn’t much light, but I could see a couple of doors along the hall; unfortunately, I didn’t know which one was Sean’s. I thought that I saw the soft, glowing flicker of a television through a slightly opened door, so I decided to start there. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door lightly as I stepped through.

“Still awake?”

Sean was stretched out on top of his sheets, fingers weaved beneath his thick, black hair, wearing only a pair of blue cotton pajama pants. The sight of his bronze, muscled torso made my heart jump into my throat. I’d had a crush on him since we first met about a year ago, but he was quiet and shy and didn’t seem to reciprocate anything more than my friendship. That was okay, he was a good friend. His eyebrows raised in surprise as he smiled. It was dazzling. I cleared my throat and accidentally closed the door as I leaned against it.

“Do you think I could crash with you tonight? I’m not sure what’s more painful; trying to sleep on that tiny couch or trying to ignore them going at it.”

He chuckled and nodded me over. I tried to keep my breathing even as I crawled beside him, following his lead and staying on top of the sheets. Even wearing just the tee shirt and boxers that Kevin had scrounged up for me, I was warm. Of course, just being near Sean generally kicked my temperature a few notches—even when he was fully dressed.

The bed was probably a queen-size; it was big enough that lying side by side we weren’t touching, but easily could. I propped myself up on one elbow, head in my hand and he did the same. My nervous mouth took over. It often did when I was around him.

“I thought tonight was really fun. Did you have fun tonight?”

The four of us had spent the night at a dance club. Not anything special or unusual in itself, but tonight Sean and I had gotten a little freaky on the dance floor. I usually didn’t dance like that, and I’d never seen Sean dance like that, but it seemed okay for two friends to have a little fun. It was especially fun for me because my friend happened to be insanely hot.


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