Before Dinner 1

We were going to go to dinner, my friend and I. I say friend, but I suppose she is more than that, but not my girlfriend — more accurately, my intimate friend, or my friend with whom I’m intimate….not a fuck buddy, you understand…a buddy I fuck…there is a distinction!! For example, we go to dinner!!

So, now that I have cleared that up and you understand our relationship…that night we were going to dinner and, if the mood was right, maybe we would fuck afterwards (or during…but that is a different story!)!

I was prompt as usual, which in her mind is usually a good hour too early and in reality probably a generous half hour! Better 30 minutes early than 10 minutes late, I always say!

I rang the bell of her apartment and she answered the door wearing only a towel! Nothing rare in that…but no less pleasing to the eye for it! Maybe that’s why I’m always so early…to enjoy the vision and ritual of her dressing to go out?!

She greeted me unselfconsciously with a beaming smile and an affectionate peck on the cheek. I should explain that we are friends, albeit flirtatious ones always…until a spark ignites…then a fire burns that consumes us! But there is no constant smoldering sexual tension between us…that would be exhausting!

She was on the phone…again not unusual as she lives with a phone almost permanently attached to her right ear. She was on the phone to her best mate, Charlotte. Oh dear!! This was not good news for our dinner reservation! My friend and Charlotte are like conjoined twins…only not joined at the hip or such like, but by the phone waves transmitting between them! They could, and do, spend the day together and still call one another on their separate journeys home. Their conversations are never brief affairs! Early indications were that they were midway through this conversation. They were talking about a TV show or maybe a movie. Traditionally that comes after 1) Shopping and, 2) Bitching about mutual acquaintances, but before 4) Plans for the evening/day/weekend and 5) Love and sex. The final stage, Stage 6), is a return to whichever of 1) to 5) is the most pressing topic of the day!

I made myself a drink, a hefty Bacardi cola and refreshed hers, a gin and tonic, for which she blew me a kiss and held up her hand with all her fingers splayed…Its indeterminable whether that means 5 minutes or 5 hours!!!…Or perhaps Stage 5)…since I once admitted to her that I had decoded her telephone ritual!

I settled myself into an armchair opposite the sofa my friend had curled herself into and leafed through a gossip magazine. I was really reading it as I was more interested in my friend’s conversation. You see, I carry a bit of a torch for Charlotte! I’ve only met her a handful of times, usually briefly, but each time the experience has been captivating! She is the Polar opposite of my friend in many respects, most notably in appearance. While my friend is blue-eyed and blonde and voluptuously proportioned…wonderfully large and heavy breasts, wide hips and beautifully firm and round arse!! Charlotte, on the other hand, is a brown-eyed, brunette English rose, with a slim, almost boyish, figure…a toned, athletic bottom and delightfully pert breasts!! It has been my overwhelming pleasure to meet her a few times on chill days where her stiff and surprisingly, deliciously, large nipples have teased me from beneath her shirt!! My friend claims that Charlotte has noticed my woefully inadequate attempts at ‘looking without looking’ and most recently has taken to deliberately seeking to titillate me!! I didn’t know whether this was true, I suspected not, but I loved the possibility that it could be!


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