Been Too Long 1

I could taste his cock before I even saw it.

I had not had him in two weeks. Two long weeks. We were both just to busy. I had tried to tie myself over by diddling in my tight, pink cunt, but to no avail my clit throbbed endlessly without his lips to suck it. But the day finally came. I slipped on the sheer blue thong he bought me, put on the skirt I knew he loved best, and made my way to his house.

“I got there and I was dripping wet. My pussy was throbbing and hot, my nipples were tight pinpoints of lust. I had managed to keep myself from playing with myself too much on the way over. He opened the door, hair slicked back, wearing nothing but a pair of flannel pants. Fresh out of the shower, I knew what his dick would taste like, what it would feel like pushing into the back of my throat. I knew what his precum would feel like, beading on my tongue as I licked his fat head. I couldn’t wait. I stepped through the door, and it was on. He pulled me into his bedroom, all the while fucking my mouth with his tongue violently. He had missed me. With one hand rubbing my tight ass, he pulled me against his rock hard prick, and ground it against my stomach. I had to have it now or I would go mad. I got on my knees and in one swift motion pulled his pants off, his dick springing up in my face. I eagerly gobbled it down, letting him take my head in his hands and fuck my face. I slurped and sucked his hot cock like it was the best thing on earth. It was really. I used my hands to gently caress his balls and ass while pounding my mouth. His precum started to drip onto my tongue, which I sucked down with much delight. My pussy was so hot and wet. I had to get it naked. My pussy had to be touched and fucked. I used my hands to pull my skirt up, and my panties aside. I shoved three fingers in my dripping cunt, moaning at the sheer joy of it. He abruptly pulled out of my mouth, and turned away.

“I bought you a present…close your eyes…” he says with a little grin. Excited beyond belief, I wait in anticipation. He turns with his hands kept behind his back.


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