Clubbing Time final episode

Nightclub bathrooms serve two purposes: Screwing area and puke collector. The second service was in fool swing thanks to lightweight college kids in the male bathroom, but the first service was in full swing in the girl’s bathroom. Hayley slammed the stall door and practically threw herself at him. She had been throbbing between her legs since the first time she felt him on the dance floor, and couldn’t contain herself any longer. She wrapped her arms around Soren’s neck and pushed her tongue deep inside him, while he lifted up her dress and pushed her panties to the side, pushing two fingers deep inside her soaking womanhood. The first thrust alone made her come all over his hands, her cream squirting with each thrust of his fingers. Hayley broke the kiss and buried her face in his shoulders, riding the waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

Once she finally calmed down, Soren whispered: “Are you ready for more?” Hayley then did something she hadn’t done in a while: she begged. “Yes, baby, please give me more, I need so much more,” She couldn’t believe he had her body so under his command. Never had she felt more vulnerable- and hornier than she had ever been. Pulling out his soaked fingers, Soren began undoing his pants. Hayley started to get on her knees, desperate to take his cock into her mouth, but he only pushed her back up and whispered, “You’ll have all the time in the world to suck me off later. Right now I need to get inside you.” That had to have been one of the few times a man ever declined a blowjob, but Hayley didn’t mind; she just pulled off her panties and tossed them onto the floor while he slid a ribbed condom over his 9 inches.

Lifting her up and pushing her against the wall for support, Soren spread her legs and pushed, shoving 6 of his inches deep inside her pussy. Hayley lost her breath as he thrusted in and out, in and out, while her sopping wet cunt clamped down on his dick, never wanting to let it go. Wrapping her legs around his waist, her heels clacked as he penetrated her deeper and deeper, soon filling her up to the hilt. She couldn’t control herself any longer. She was screaming his name to the heavens, shouting for him to move faster, go deeper, make her come like she never had before.

Soren grunted as he pushed himself deep, coming inside. That set off Hayley, who soon exploded herself, spunk squirting down Soren’s dick and onto the floor. She tossed her head back in ecstasy, feeling her body reach levels of pleasure previously unknown to her. When they finally came down, Soren pulled out and let her down, but didn’t let go of her hips. Hayley was in a state of semi-consciousness, having never come so hard. She barely registered the lake she created on the floor. Soren half walked, half carried her to the door, no one noticing their exit. When the throbbing bass brought her back to consciousness, Hayley simply asked,

“Will you come home with me?”


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