Clubbing Time 2

Within moments she found herself lost to the music, dancing nonstop throughout ‘Yeah’ and ‘Party Rock Anthem’. As the catchy beat began to fade out as another song faded in, Hayley began to step off the dance floor to grab a shot of Jack or maybe a Johnny Walker Black, she felt a hand touch her forearm, not to harm, but to get her attention. “Whoa, you can’t rock the dance floor like that and just walk away,” A voice whispered in her ear.

The very same voice, with breath of ice, planted a light kiss on the nape of her neck. It chilled her collarbone, but warmed her pussy. She turned her head in mellowed surprise and was not disappointed. What greeted her were clear oceans masquerading as eyes, and dark hair matching a black jean and sweater combo. “At least, not without blessing me with a dance, first.”

Hayley was at a loss for words. This man was amazing. “With pleasure,” she beamed, and held out her hand as he led her back to the dance floor.

So cool and confident, Hayley thought as she pulled herself close and put her hands around his neck. He hasn’t even started touching me, and I’m already soaking. They danced in their own perfect world for so long, she almost didn’t hear him whisper, “Will you tell me your name?”

“Hayley. Hayley Wo-” She was cut off when he stealthily bit her neck, Wolfe becoming Wooooah.

“Hayley? Delicious.” He whispered his tongue tracing the bone in her neck.

Her cunt was on fire, she fought the urge to press it against him. “I’m kind of thirsty, do you mind if we get some drinks?”

He pulled back slightly but grasped each of her hands within his own. “Gladly, my girl.” Hayley didn’t resist as he pulled her though the crown to the two open seats at the bar. He kept talking like that, and damnit, she would be his girl. This was definitely out of Hayley’s character. After dominating all the men and women who courted her, it was strange having someone melt her heart and body this easily. It felt wrong but oh so right. She just shrugged it off however. She was sure every Dom wanted to do role reversal with their sub at least once in a while.

As they sat down, the man called over the bartender. “A Johnny Walker Black, straight up. And for you?”

“The same.”

“Oh really?” His eyes pierced her like a knife. “That’s hard liquor. Any woman who can handle the Black Label is definitely interesting.” As the bartender plunked down two shot glasses of Black Label, the man handed one to Hayley and wrapped his forearm around hers, his shot in hand.

“To you, my alluring clubgoer.”

“And to you, my sexy mystery man.”

They tossed back the shots and called for a refill. “By the way, I’m Soren. Soren Pon-” Stealing a cue from him, she pushed her lips to his, a quick release for the pressure she was building up. She pulled back, and whispered, “Soren, how delicious you taste.”

He smiled, white teeth, perfectly aligned. “You know, I don’t think, I can resist you anymore.”

“Then let’s stop resisting each other. I think I need to go fix up myself up. You wanna come with?” She asked him without looking, letting her tone tell him what she was really up to.”Lead the way.” Her cunt throbbing into anticipation, she led him to the nearby bathroom.


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