Bored Meeting 1

It was just another boring “last Thursday of the month” board meeting, and he really wasn’t looking forward to the typical petty bullshit, the accusations of over spending, the idiotic questions of fiscal responsibility, blah blah blah. So as he slumped into the cafeteria style chair he wondered how long he would go without yawning, or at least without yawning with his mouth open. Jake hated these meetings even more than the obligatory semi-monthly meetings at work with his superiors, who he considered all to be self-praising blowhards. Or maybe that was blow hard; “Yeah blow me,” he thought.

As he gazed at the agenda sheet laid out in front of him and all the other board members, he noticed the usual crap and an obvious sales pitch coming under new business by the Cunning Ad Associates Group. Nice piece of work, he thought, “Associates” and “Group” in their name. “Jeezus, this is going to be so much fun. Like peeling potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. Can’t wait to see “Jules Titan, Chairwoman” of Cunning Ad Associates Group,” he mumbled to himself.

The typical boring stuff proceeded along the typical boring meeting path. Jake amused himself by wondering how long it has been since each of the stuffy ol’ ladies on the board got laid. Surely Ms. Kaplan had gotten it at least once this year. Probably after the Spring Dinner when she had been flirting with ol’ man Bester; 75 years old and still horny as when he was 19.

“My hero,” he thought. And Sally Hanley, with boobs down to her ankles and hair on her chin almost as long; well, she just might have gotten it last around 1985, and surely he was drunk, whoever the poor bastard was. Probably died right after it. If she didn’t kill him, her perfume probably did. It stays with you for days even if you just shake her hand. Christ you can smell her before you can see her. “Imagine how nasty she must smell, AND LOOK, with no clothes on,” he thought. “Yuk, fuckin’ yuk. I think I’m gonna throw up right here on Mary Nolan’s beat up ol sweater she wears to every meeting.”

Finally, after what seemed like two and one-half centuries, the President tapped his gavel (“Probably the only thing he’s tapped all year” Jake mumbled), cleared his throat in the annoying way he has, and bellowed, “On with New Business. Tonight we are pleased to have Ms. Jules Titan from the Cunning Ad Associates Group here to present us with a new ad campaign for consideration.”

“Yawn, fucking yawn,” Jake thought to himself, when into the room came a tall blonde about 35 years old, longish hair and what appeared to be a killer body. Suddenly Jake was awake, as was everyone else. As she placed her papers on the podium she glanced around the room, filling the room with her warm smile and air of confidence. And then it happened; she locked eyes with Jake and he melted into butter. He heard nothing she said throughout her presentation. He couldn’t stop thinking about her hair, her face, her clothes, her clothes off, her small, but perky breasts, her… well, her everything. She completed her presentation, answered some silly ass questions and then thanked everyone for allowing her to come to the meeting. The President asked her if she would like to stay for the remainder of the meeting and join everyone for the wine and cheese party held afterward. She said sure and proceeded to take a seat directly across the room from Jake. She gave him a quick, slight smile as she sat down, crossing her legs ever so slowly. Wow, and what legs they were; muscular, yet feminine. She glanced over at Jake and their eyes locked. She smiled and he returned it. She tugged on her skirt attempting to pull it down over her crossed knees. A futile attempt at best. Probably done out of habit, or purposely to make him stare at her, Jake thought. And then it happened. He thought it was accidental at first, but when he looked up at her eyes, she was smiling at him. She had slowly uncrossed her legs and slightly spread her knees apart. Squarely at him was her essence, she was wearing no underwear and when she saw him look up at her, she spread her legs just a little bit further apart, and now he knew for sure. It was on purpose and it was beautiful.


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