Uncle Dominic final episode

Such pretty breasts,” Dominic moaned. He kissed around the dark nipple before taking it into his hungry mouth. He worshipped her nipples and breasts, bathing them with his tongue and kissing them, trying to suck as much of them into his mouth as possible.

Finally Dominic’s cock softened, slipping out of Libby as he rolled over. Libby cuddled up next to her dad’s hot friend and he wrapped his arm around her. Resting her head on his smooth chest she traced patterns on his pecs as both of their hearts returned to their steady rhythms.

“How does it feel not to be a virgin anymore?” he asked, stroking her hair now damp from sweat.

“Different,” Libby mused quietly. “A bit sore.”

Dominic kissed her damp forehead, “It’ll be better next time.”

Libby cuddled closer to him, practically glowing. She felt deliciously sore between her legs. A sweet throbbing that made her purr. Dominic got out of bed and went to the bathroom. His cock was still semi-erect. At his age it should be more difficult but Libby gave him a new energy. He cleaned off the blood and cum from his cock then took a piss. He returned to find Libby still in his bed. She suddenly had this new sensual aura that made him semi-hard. Wait 20 minutes, big guy, Dominic smiled.

He had brought back a warm wet towel and began to clean Libby’s pussy of blood and his semen. It wasn’t meant to arouse her but Libby watched him through hooded eyes, darkening with renewed lust at his slow, thorough movements. Dominic had awoken a dormant insatiable woman. She made a small wince which caught Dominic’s keen eye.

“You might be tender for a while,” he said but he was more gentle. Libby didn’t mind. Her lover crawled back into bed after he was finished cleaning her up and gathered the young woman into his arms. Their skin was still warm with the afterglow. She rolled playfully and watched him with hungry eyes.

“Maybe you could give me a little more practice until my parents come home this weekend?” she rested her chin on her hand and smiled at him. Dominic grinned wickedly. Libby mirrored him. He rolled her over until she was beneath him and kissed her deeply, their tongues tangling in a sensual dance.

“We can do that,” he murmured sexily against her lips.

“Good,” Libby pushed him onto his back. She shook off her bra then Dominic watched with erotic interest as the young woman crawled backwards. Her intent was clear. “Because now I want to taste you.”

“I’m not as young as I used to be, Libby,” Dominic laughed nervously. “How about waiting a few minutes.”

Libby softly stroked his flaccid cock with her warm satin palm. She gave the head a small kiss, her pursing lips reminding Dominic of a rose bud. Her eyes glistened mischievously as she made an impish purring sound.

“That’s okay,” she whispered throatily, making Dominic’s blood heat. “I can wait. I just want to touch it. Play with it. Then I’m going to see how much I can get this into my mouth.” She rubbed her lips along the shaft, swirling her tongue around the head making Dominic jerk. His head was still sensitive.

“I think I’ve created a monster,” Dominic chuckled softly.

“My pussy may have been a virgin but my mouth is another dirty story I can’t wait to tell you, Uncle Dominic…,” she said before taking him into the heat of her mouth. Dominic wanted to ask but suddenly his cock started to firm and his head laid back onto the soft pillow in a burning sigh…


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